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We all know how important Customer Experience is and will be in future. We need to start thinking as a customer and move from there backwards to what we are doing. If we do so, we have done a huge step to gain trust.

But what is trust? What is the foundation of trust?


Trust is based on 3 pillars: Empathy - Logic - Authenticity.
Sounds easy? It can be. If we listen to understand with the direction to help, we show empathy in a right way. Building trust takes time while losing trust can be very quick. Re-building trust is a huge step.

"Customer Experience" and "Customer's Experience" can be two very different thinks. Often people are talking about Customer Experience while having own goals in mind. This is in the best-case Brand Experience, but not at all Customer's Experience.

We can help a customer to gain a great experience, but we can't create them, and we do not own them... it is the experience of the customer.

There are several things which are important to learn:

1. Customer Experience requires a shift in mindset

2. Customer Experience takes place cross corporate structures / departments

3. Data are the foundation of everything. Without holistic data including all possible data sources even an AI system isn't intelligent.

There is one hype coming after the other. Many very interesting topics, systems and ideas. What was missing the last years was doing the homework around data. Now it is the right time to do this homework and help departments like sales and marketing gain the same understanding and mindset through using the same data. Doing so, thinking and acting will grow together and those departments are growing together.

We all have seen stats showing the discrepancy when asking companies if they are customer centric and asking customers the same time. However, even if we are customer centric.... customer centricity is an ongoing never-ending process.

If a company tears down silos in mindset, structures and data, they will transform to a true customer centric company with much value for the customer who gives back trust and loyalty at the same time.

Happy to discuss this deeper. Reach out and let's talk!