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SAP C4C Customers can now use Wisy’s shelf intelligence solution to get actionable insights from rich and unbiased data on facings, pricings, planogram and share of shelf in order to reduce loss and maximize sales.

Check out Retail Intelligence by Wisy on SAP Store.  

The Industry Problem

Obtaining high quality data for decision-making at physical locations remains a major challenge for companies in many industries such as construction, public safety, disaster relief, and even for brands and retail to provide better experience and better targeting by understanding actual customer behavior. The lack of access and connection makes it difficult to collect unstructured data and coordinate with personnel, contractors, volunteers or customers on site in a prompt manner to drive productivity, increase sales and even save lives or just to know what to sell and when to sell.

Wisy’s Solution

Wisy’s end-to-end capability takes companies from data to action in a simple to deploy manner, fully white-label, and with remote capabilities to accommodate and accelerate a multitude of business applications. Wisy's powerful AI analytics also allow clients to collect diverse, unstructured and even paper based data such as receipts, processed in real-time in any language and format to discover new insights, and to engage with employees or customers at any location.

SAP Customers working with Wisy

CPG sales reps using Wisy can quickly do distribution or planogram checks at any point of sale with image intelligence. Wisy returns out-of-stock, on-shelf availability, and pricing data within seconds and automatically fills in those fields with SAP C4C surveys.

Find Wisy’s solution on SAP Store here!