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In a previous blog we announced the new SAP Cloud for Customer education curriculum. This blog discusses the C4C50 in more detail and gives the top 10 reasons why you should take it this year!

The C4C50 provides hands-on experience configuring the integration of SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP on-premise applications.  The exercises use SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, and SAP ERP.   The course discusses what is the same / different when using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and/or SAP CRM.     All class participants share an ECC 6.0 system and a HCI tenant.  Each participant has their own C4C tenant that is not integrated. The exercises walk through the C4C, ERP, and HCI required configuration.  At the end of the classes, all integration aspects are discussed and each participate has a round-trip integration working and optionally also has the synchronous pricing call working.

This year the class will be taught in the following locations:

US - Nov 10

Germany - Nov 17

Great Britain - Nov 24

Singapore - Dec 9

I hope to soon update this blog with a virtual teach in November for Spanish speaking colleagues in South America.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should join us:

10. Provides hands-on experience to configure integration from C4C to SAP ECC.

9.  Includes detailed chapter on connectivity that includes details on reserve proxy such as SAP Web Dispatcher and details on certificates.

8.  Exercises use basic authentication from ECC to C4C and certificates from C4C to ECC so you see two types of configuration.

7.  Opportunity to do all ECC configuration required for integration.

6.  Hands-on exercises with SAP HANA Cloud Integration, using both the WebUI and Eclipse UI.

5.  Hands-on exercises with code-list mapping.

4.  All over-achievers can also configure the synchronous pricing call from C4C to ECC.

3.  NW PI folks get experience with HCI.

2.  You become awesome because integration is the best topic - ever!

1.  You can show-off your integration skills in the class, on SCN, and in upcoming projects!

So, please join us!  It will be lots of fun!!