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Dear C4C community,

I like to share some tips, that are not supported in the standard delivery of SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), but can be easily configured to improve user experience. Main reason that the features are not part of the standard delivery is caused due to compatibility reasons.

  • C4C refers to the Employee Responsible of a transaction or an account as Owner.  You can also change this for the corresponding party role that shows up in Involved Parties, Account Team, or Territory Team. Navigate to fine-tuning activity Party Role Definition and rename party role 39 and 142 to "Owner".



  • Increase the number of rows displayed in a table. You can increase the number of rows in a table view by configuration in Adaptation mode. This is recommended to do in a couple of table views, where an increased number of rows shows more content to the user without the need of paging through the content. The current max. number of rows supported is 30.



  • Show code and value in drop down selection lists. It can be helpful to show both code and value in selections.


  • Disable Item Parties in Sales Quote / Sales Orders:  Deactivate not needed item parties in Sales Quote and Sales Order in fine-tuning activity Sales Quotes/Sales Orders ->  Maintain Involved Item Parties. Standard party determination copies involved parties from header to the item level.