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You want to configure your SAP Marketing Cloud system to your individual business needs – here are some tips and tricks. In the “Manage Your Solution” app, you can configure settings such as activating business workflows or creating Marketing Areas tailored to your needs. But before you start configuring your system and adding new entries, think about what you really need. This is essential because removing or deleting entries in the “Manage Your Solution” app is not possible. Of course, you can deactivate the entries so they are no longer visible for the end users in the SAP Marketing Cloud system. Nevertheless, with the system transports from quality (Q-) system to productive (P-) system, all your configuration entries -  even those created for test purposes – are transported to the P-system.

Due to security reasons, SAP cannot remove or delete these configuration entries. Since your entries might have been used - even accidentally - for testing purposes or productive use, SAP is not allowed to remove entries, neither in Q- nor in P- Systems.

For further details and information please read the “About Configuring Your Solution” article on the help portal: