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Release 1608 has brought three key enhancements to Time Recording:

  • New default query “My Open Work Tickets
  • Total Duration for a Time Report
  • “New” on the Time Entries facet for Ticket in Offline

These provide key usability enhancements for the Time Recording functionality; When users open the Time Recording work centre the default query allows users to view all open work tickets that require time entry updates. This provides rapid and intuitive access to the outstanding tickets requireing time entry.

The system now calculates the total time value for all entries in the Time Report which provides an easy way to identify if all entries have been correctly made.

And finally we have enabled offline time capture on mobile devices, allowing the field service agent to capture time usage when not on a network.

The agent now has access to 'New' button in offline so they can record used times for each Time Type set in the ticket.