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Sampler’s digital product sampling platform allows brands to connect directly with consumers


Today, brands spend between 5–50% of their annual marketing budget on product sampling (Sampler Research). However, brands have been blindly distributing samples, unable to effectively target consumers and measure ROI on traditional product sampling strategies.

The solution that helps large Consumer Packaged Goods companies get their products into the right hands, while providing a personalized and memorable experience for consumers? Sampler.

Sampler is a Direct-to-Consumer product sampling platform that allows brands to target, track, and measure their sampling program from start to finish. By targeting the right audience, gathering information about the consumer’s profile, sending samples directly to homes, and gleaning feedback from the data collected, Sampler helps brands gather the insights they need to build one-on-one relationships with consumers. Having worked with over 400 brands such as industry giants L’Oréal and Nestlé and reaching over 50 million consumers globally in 24 different countries, it is clear that Sampler is on to something.

Precious Insights for CPGs

There are two primary ways that brands can work with Sampler: either Sampler helps them create promotions that are integrated directly into their own marketing channels, or, Sampler helps brands distribute their offers across Sampler’s audience network of online communities called the Sampler Exchange, allowing brands to target and deliver samples to consumers of every demographic, behavior and interest. With Sampler’s solution, brands can gather consumer feedback and demographic insights that will increase successful trial and in-turn conversion rates. According to Opinion Research Corp, 62% of consumers said sampling is the most effective way to get them to switch brands or try new categories, and Sampler provides a seamless platform for brands to do so.

Memorable Experiences for Consumers

For consumers who are interested in joining the Sampler family, they simply create a free Sampler profile, answer a set of diagnostic questions, and then get a curated list of samples to choose from that fit their specific lifestyle, preferences, and needs. The samples will be delivered right to their doorstep, and users are encouraged to leave brands valuable feedback on the product and intent to purchase. When asked how they feel about sampling products after COVID-19, 46% of respondents said they won’t be sampling in-store at all and feel safest with a sample sent directly to their home (Sampler). In addition to Sampler being a critical avenue for Consumer Products companies to engage with their consumers, a package from Sampler at someone’s doorstep could truly be the highlight of their day.

Innovating with SAP & The SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv

SAP’s key insights for the Consumer Products Industry show that CPGs are looking for ways to directly connect with consumers, and consumers expect new experiences that make their lives easier while being personal, relevant, and simple. By providing curated samples that match their lifestyle and needs, Sampler seamlessly allows CP companies to create and deliver personalized experiences for consumers.

Sampler participated in the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Products Cohort and became an SAP Partner Edge Integrate Partner. By integrating into SAP’s Customer Data Cloud, Sampler’s solution will allow SAP’s customers to integrate external vendor data into their CRM system, with a flexible, standardized, fast and secure method to access the data they need.

If anyone in the SAP Community is interested in connecting with Sampler or one of the other the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv consumer products startups, please check out

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