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I am happy to announce that this week saw the release of the SAP Emarsys Summer '22 Release!

I won't go into too much detail here - you can read more on our Product Updates page. There we list all the new features and link through to the supporting documentation and videos.

If you'd like to see these updates in a slightly prettier context you can also check out the release home page on the Emarsys website:

Please note: We have made several short training videos in English for this release, but in German we have made one longer video and link to chapters within it.

Anyway, this release is all about Power to the Marketer, which is what SAP Emarsys is all about this quarter.

Giving marketers more power to:

  • Know what works and what doesn't
    You can attribute any of your web shop touchpoints to any of the different conversion goals you have set, so you can monitor, optimize and troubleshoot your program journeys and campaigns.

  • Track the preparation and launch of their email campaigns
    A new Email Analysis tab with up-to-the-minute status bars lets you know exactly when the first emails of your latest campaigns will hit the inboxes, and how long the campaign will take to launch fully.

  • Automate, automate, automate
    We've added even more events to be used as triggers and for personalization in Automation Center programs and Interactions, including Loyalty events and more mobile events.

And much more! Seriously, too much to list here, so please do visit the Product Updates page and familiarize yourselves with the new opportunities available by watching the short videos.

There are also some pretty cool developments in our integrations with other SAP CX solutions, but these are in the early stages and you'll be hearing more about those soon!

In the meantime, we hope all SAP Emarsys users reading this enjoy the new features!