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I'm happy to announce that the SAP Emarsys Continuous Influence Session is now active!

What is Continuous Influence?

Simply put, it's your way of helping us to make our product even better. It's the place to go if you want to:

  • Submit your great idea for a new product

  • See a specific SAP Emarsys enhancement or feature

  • Experience SAP Emarsys beta software and help us develop it

I could go into more detail, but there are already a number of articles and videos that explain it all far better than I ever could:


The SAP Continuous Influence program is open to SAP customers who have an s-user ID, that is, a user ID starting with 's', e.g.: S123456789. You will need this to log in to the site.

Emarsys customers who have been with us since before we were acquired by SAP will not yet have such a user ID and should sign up for our Product Pioneer program instead.

But don't worry, you'll all be doing the same thing and helping us build the best customer engagement platform in the business.

So sign up now and help us to help you become bigger and better marketers!