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In the midst of a festival season (at least I am aware of 3 over this weekend), we have an another reason to celebrate. TechEd @ Las Vegas is only two weeks away.

The diligent attendees must be building their agenda and planning their activities.  If you are not one of them and like to gamble, I believe your chances of attending a big data session are pretty high.Even if you randomly attend a session from Data Management and Modeling (DMM) track, there is 44% percent chance that you attend a “big data” session.  That is pretty big odds that favor you than any game in all the Las Vegas combined.

Now back to reality…do you really trust your luck?  Little bit planning can go a long way.  There are many interesting sessions and if time permits we all want to attend everything.

My free advice:

  1. Select sessions based on the business domain for your big data problem (Eg:  customer analytics, supplier demand planning...etc.)
  2. Select some sessions that give you jump start implementation advise

If you are focusing on advanced customer analytics for your structured (ERP/CRM…etc.) or unstructured (social media, email…etc.) customer data, provide personalized engagement to each individual customers out of millions, and jump start your implementation journey then I highly recommend you to attend my big data hands-on session(2 hr.).

Session ID


Start Date

Start Time

End Time


Rapid Adoption of SAP's Big Data Solutions, Powered by SAP HANA


2:00 PM

4:00 PM


Rapid Adoption of SAP's Big Data Solutions, Powered by SAP HANA


8:00 AM

10:00 AM

Easy link to agenda builder:

We are going to go deeper on customer journey because every journey is unique and see how SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence going to help.

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