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As we begin to deliver upon the promise of Intelligent Enterprise, the need for end-to-end integrations across the company is critical for success. For partners, that means identifying the areas where you can best apply your expertise and experience—as well as the areas where you can’t. As SAP’s Hans Georg Uebe wrote last quarter, “Even the best partners can’t do it all themselves.”

Partner-to-partner networking has never been more important to the SAP partner economy. SAP has developed several initiatives to help partners find peers with complementary skills sets and services to ensure that customers get everything they need, when they need it.

Building partner-to-partner relationships delivers more value to your customers, but also opens doors for additional opportunities from peers – incremental business that lets others take advantage of your unique industry-specific, regional or technological capabilities. With a growing explosion of partner IP and specializations, developing these relationships is especially imperative in the cloud application world.

As the Intelligent Enterprise continues to transform our customers and propel their success, peer-to-peer networking will only accelerate that process. Now’s the time to explore potential partnerships and market your specific skills to other partners.

Here’s a detailed look at three SAP programs that will help get you started on the road to partner-to-partner collaboration:

SAP Partner Finder

Every day, our partner experts help customers of all sizes – across all industries – transform and run their businesses simply. No matter your focus, the SAP Partner Finder can help you fill skill gaps by finding complementary partners within the entire solution spectrum – whether that means building, implementing, servicing, supporting or anything else that best fits your customers’ unique needs.

SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions

SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions are built, sold and supported by an SAP partner. These packages serve as an integrated solution that leverage SAP market-leading software and innovations and are paired with an SAP partner’s intellectual property, such as industry or line-of-business expertise, specialized services, customizations, configurations or applications. Find the right package to accompany your current offerings.

SAP App Center

The SAP App Center features applications that have been tested for quality and certified for integration with SAP solutions. Discover a world of over 1,700 apps that can help your customers enhance and extend their enterprise and LoB solutions.

Looking to learn more? In addition to these great offerings, you can head over to to learn about even more resources.
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