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Product and Topic Expert

On behalf of the CRM & CX Product Learning CoE Team, it is my pleasure to introduce you in this blog post to the latest trainings and knowledge enablement offerings about SAP Commerc Cloud.


If you prefer to watch a presentation with interesting Q&A directly, here is a recorded event I gave via SAP Community Call in January 2022.

What Do We Offer

As the team Commerce (Aka. Education SAP Commerce Cloud) under Product Learning CRM and Customer Experience of SAP Learning, we are responsible for producing and managing SAP Commerce Cloud Training and Enablement Content, with the essential content delivered in the forms of:

  • Instructor Led Trainings (ILT)

  • E-Learning courses on SAP Learning Hub

  • Live sessions on SAP Learning Hub

  • Video Resources on Open SAP Microlearning Platform

Let me walk you through the listed offerings one-by-one:

1. Instructor Led Trainings (ILT)

is the classic way where a SAP authorized instructor conducts a training for a group of learners, with real-time interaction for questions, feedback and discussion possibilities.

Our ILTs can be hold the following 3 forms:

  • in-person: as classic classroom style with experienced instructors guided trainings.

  • online as VLC (virtual live classroom): conducted via secured video communication software (e.g. Zoom) with the same instructors, training content, duration and training systems, without travels/physical contacts, so that learners can attend the training directly from company or even home.

  • hybrid (combing in-person classroom and VLC training): a classroom training for the learners who want to attend the training in-person, while the training is also broadcasted at the same time as VLC to the learners who rather stay home learning.

We offer the ILTs (in-person, VLC or hybrid😞

  • public trainings with a predefined schedule for learners from all over the world. The training schedules can be found directly in the individual training page of SAP training shop (typically right after the course information section).

  • private trainings to best fit your needs: you can request a custom training, by scrolling down to the bottom of the individual training page, and find the section of "Can't find a suitable date?" with 2 possibilities:

    • request a training date: if you have 1-2 learners to book for a training

    • 3 to RUN training: if you have 3+ learners and want to organise a custom training just for your leaners, give the necessary information in the request form and you will be contacted for further details.

Here are some of the selected ILTs that are of interest of most learners;

  • C4H340: SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1: Link

  • C4H341: SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 2: Link

  • C4H320: SAP Commerce Cloud Business User Training: Link

  • C4H370: Spartacus Developer Training: Link

  • C4H365: SAP Commerce Cloud Backoffice Framework Developer Training: Link

  • C4H321: SAP Commerce Cloud Business User Certification Preparation: Link

2. E-Learning courses on SAP Learning Hub

Our E-Learning courses refer to those self-paced learnings on SAP Learning Hub. These are delivered to you as well-designed and guided training/enablement material, which includes:

  • guided/organized videos with interaction elements: typically consists of a list of modules/topics, which are presented as guided videos with self assessment quiz at the end, or video(s) of a recorded session about a certain topic.

  • training handbooks: downloadable pdfs of training material for theory and practices/exercises/trails.

  • training system access: also known as live access system, which is assigned to the learner as the training environment, so that the learner can perform the exercises of a training directly without configuring his/her own local environment.

To access to the E-Learning course material, please log into SAP Learning Hub with your subscribed account, and type "SAP Commerce (Cloud)" (or any other keywords of your interest) as the search term. The returned result can look as follows:

A sample search result on SAP Learning Hub for SAP Commerce Cloud

Please note the red rectangle marked keywords:

  • "E-learning" or "Video" refers to guided/organized videos

  • "Handbook" refers to training handbooks

  • "Practice" refers to training system access

Compared to ILTs with scheduled trainings, the E-learning courses enable learners to learn anywhere and anytime they want. Therefore, they are especially suitable for those who either can't have dedicated time for scheduled instructor led trainings, or rather learn the enablement content by themselves flexibly.

Here are a list of selected E-Learning courses that are of interest of most leaners:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Business User Online: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Migration Essentials: Link

  • SAP Backoffice Framework Fundamentals: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud System Administrator Online: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1 Practice: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 2 Handbook: Link

3. Live sessions on SAP Learning Hub

Our live sessions are also offered on SAP Learning Hub as Instructor Led Sessions, with SAP authorized instructor and live interaction for questions and discussions as well. However, live sessions differ from the Instructor Led Trainings regarding the followings:

  • live sessions are shorter: typically 1-2 hours per session, or consists of a number of short sessions.

  • live sessions are more focused: on one module, one component, or one use case of a feature within SAP Commerce Cloud.

  • live sessions are more up-to-date: usually contains latest information/content, because they are more easily kept up-to-date around to the focused content, compared to updating an entire training with a number of related modules.

Our live sessions can be found on SAP Learning Hub, e.g. the blue rectangle marked keyword "Webinar" in the search result figure above refers to the live sessions.

If leaners are most interested at specific topics/areas of SAP Commerce Cloud, some of the selected live sessions below may be good learning assets:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud – Additional Technical Essentials: Link

  • Monitoring Commerce Cloud with Dynatrace: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud – System Administrator: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Certification Preparation: Link

  • SAP Commerce Cloud Business User Certification Preparation: Link

4. Video Resources on Open SAP Microlearning Platform

Open SAP Microlearning Platform ( has been the most popular video portal for all SAP product lines. Therefore, we are constantly publishing enablement video resources around SAP Commerce Cloud, under the following portal page:

SAP Commerce Cloud on OpenSAP Microlearning

As shown above, you can

  • pick the role that best suits you,

  • or choose the Video Library tab to access all videos that are relevant for SAP Commerce Cloud,

  • or more directly, search for videos with a term of your interest with the search button on the top right.

Just as all the other SAP product lines, the SAP Commerce Cloud video resources are offered to you with the following benefits/features:

  • Learning anywhere any time - enable the SAP Ecosystem to upskill from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits your schedule

  • All in one place - tutorials, demos, and webinar recordings

  • Complimentary - for all SAP customers and partners (Accessible with your SAP User ID via SSO)

  • Easy to consume - short, focused videos covering the key features

  • Guided learning - through dedicated channels per solution and video playlists

Again, here are some selected video playlists and tagged videos among many, which might be of interest of most learners:

An Important Question: How To Find The Suitable Content To Learn?

Probably you have noticed, we have a lot of trainings and enablement content prepared and quite often, it is not easy to find which content is the most suitable one to learn.

But no worry! In order to solve this problem, just as all the other SAP product learning teams, we prepared the learning journeys here:

You just need to type "SAP Commerce Cloud" and hit the search button, our learning journeys should be the first one appearing in the result list.

Once you click on the learning journey card, you will see that we offer learning journeys regarding different roles:

All Learning Journeys SAP Commerce Cloud

Or you can also click into the following links here:

Please note: all the learning journeys are publicly accessible, i.e. it's not required to have a sap account to access to them.

If you still have further questions/problems regarding how to find suitable content to learn, our education administration team is very happy to help you out directly:

Last But Not Least

If you want to know more or get informed with the future enablement offerings about SAP Commerce Cloud, please follow the blog post or me directly by clicking on the “follow” button on the left.

Thanks for reading! and see you next!