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Star Wars Episode VIII will hit the cinemas during this night. Hundreds of millions of fans are eagerly awaiting the last Jedi and cinemas are keen to engage their fans. Hmmm... Just wait a second. My own fan experience is a bit different: I am a fan of the Star wars movies since many years and I have watched all the episodes since 2005 ("Revenge of the Sith") always in the same cinema. Due to my sometimes crazy travel schedule I do not manage to go to a lot of other movies so that the cinema chain should have a quite good picture of my preferences.

Besides that my expected customer lifetime value should be significant as I always buy a lot of tickets for my own family and many friend for the first weekend with all the nachos, pop corn and soft drinks later as additional revenue. But all I received as a registered user is just a simple program of the week via mail and a small add for the star wars movie within. No targeted offer, no package for tickets + snacks and drinks, nothing special.

Compare this approach with the importance of food and concession for the overall business results of cinema chains. Strange isn't it? And they have not even scratched the surface for even more elaborate schemes like special events for hard core star wars fans throughout the year before the next episode.

Although I am a bit disappointed by my cinema I will for sure enjoy the next episode. But I am absolutely convinced that we will see a lot of innovations for fan engagement soon as there is quite a change under way and the SAP solutions for cinemas are getting more and more traction in the market.

If you want to get a first impression how the SAP entertainment solutions can help cinemas just have a look at this testimonial:

And as always within the star wars universe Yoda should have the last word:

“Much to learn you still have…my old padawan. This is just the beginning!”