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Chances are, you have not heard about Green CX - but you have heard about Sustainability, and of course the Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise.

To date, enterprise software focused on sustainability has fallen into two categories:

1. Reporting on sustainability goals and KPI's as per ESG requirements

2. Innovation to deliver sustainable offers to customers, in terms of alternative products, services and the means to obtain those.

If you go onto your customers website and read their outlook on sustainability, or download the company report, it is clear that the three P's of People, Planet and Profit are moving forward together into the future.

How can customers move away from purely operational aspects and dashboard reporting towards meaningful action beyond 'greenwashing' ?

SAP has moved to deliver the vision for GREEN CX.

So, are you passionate about sustainability ?

Do you want to make sure that SAP's customers have the power to give their customers a sustainable choice ?

Let’s move together with SAP Sustainability + Green Customer Experience!