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Labs Talk

#labstalk is a series of interviews over innovative topics, with customers, colleagues and partners, but also renowned industry experts. The showbroadcasting live every other Wednesday on the SAP Customer Experience LinkedIn channel.



When we spoke to Lucas Bergström and Sophie Oppacher the other week, we learned about the history of customer engagement and how the discipline evolved into #hyperpersonalisation.

The industry has come a long way since outreach to customers on the Internet started with Ads and "Email Mondays", that we all remember one way or another.

From there, brands started to address their customers more individually, creating segments for similar interests. These segments became more specific and with that smaller.

At this point, the industry arrived at a point where not only customers can be addressed individually, but additional information can be considered in the communication.

Next Up

On June 28th, we'll have the pleasure to talking to Kelsey Jones, Head of Product Marketing, to take this topic further and learn about the future of customer engagement

The Future of Customer Engagement

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