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The front-office is a mix-up of applications and technologies.

Even if we just look at the variety of technologies used by applications within SAP comprising both front-office and back-office, there is an ever increasing number of technologies used used within and across on-premise and cloud applications.

So where is this going?

Do we expect customers to understand and implement with these technologies, or understand the differences between technology stacks of varying cloud applications? It is clear that this approach is unreasonable and unsustainable, and definitely not scalable. Even if a given customer works with a partner proficient in JAVA and ABAP, there is still much risk and uncertainty introduced by managing a project being developed with multiple technologies. The situation looks even more difficult when we appreciate that a given set of cloud applications using different technology stacks has different deployment and operational needs, different customisation methodologies, different monitoring tools and health characteristics. How do we address this problem with the SAP CX front-office suite?

The new home of the front-office:  SAP C/4HANA Foundation

The goal of the SAP C/4HANA Foundation is to be the new home of the front-office. One central place from where all the front-office applications can be managed, accessed, monitored, and even extended using the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, which is the productised version of the open-source KYMA project.

You can experience this new home, right here : CX.CLOUD.SAP