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We are approaching into a new time. A time where things like "new work", "trust" and many other things are coming up. Is this the new business? What is the goal of business?


When we are talking about  what CX really is and what is needed to do it 100% we come to the point, that the customer needs to be first and we need to work from there backwards. As much as you go up in the hierarchy, special on board level you hear very quick a "but" and short after this revenue comes up. That's why many CX projects fail... revenue is the first thinking.

I have linked a great video from Simon Sinek on my private blog: What does businesses exist for Simon Sinek? (you can start the video at min 2.00)

This shows very clear the relationship between revenue and purpose. The purpose of a company is to help the customer. This is a huge change. Economics is changing quickly, quicker that the last 40 years now. Adopt on this change is important. But what is change? Personally I differentiate between Translation and Transformation.

More at:


Think the picture is self explaining. True transformation is very difficult most of the time while it is a must for the evolution of business. Luckily this can most of the time handled very easy. How? Let's talk!