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On this first part of the Trilogy I'll try to explain how to use and what can be done with the Edit Page Layout Functionality.

First thing to notice is that this is a functionality that is exclusive to Key Users. You need a minimum access to the system in order to use it.

Second thing to notice is that you will have two options: Edit Master Layout or Edit Page Layout. The first one will be applied to all users and the second one will be applied to a specific group of users (this will be explained in Part II).

To reach it you go to Adapt > Edit Master Layout (or Page Layout) and then you will enter de "Adaptation Mode". Once you here, everything may look a little different, but that is part of the plan!

So, you have entered the Adaptation Mode and what now? In order to access the functionality, you need to hover your mouse over a Field, Tab, etc.

In the below image, you can see an example of the option you will have when editing a field.

1 - Personalize: This option can change from field to field but at its maximum, it contains three checkboxes:

     1 - Mandatory: check it to make this field mandatory; (more info on: and on

     2 - Read Only: check it to make the field read only, meaning it won't be editable;

     3 - Visible: check it (or uncheck it) to make the field visible (or hide it).

2 - Add Items: Through this option you can add fields/ tabs that were hidden before or that are not visible by default.

3 - Change Label: self-explanatory! You can change the name of the field or tab. (more info on:

4 - Hide Item: you hide that specific item.

5 - Select Parent: if you are editing a pane or section, you can select the group of panes, the parent option of whatever you are editing.

When editing the panes inside a tab, you will also have the option to Embedded Reports or Mashups.

Other options:

- You can also hide buttons like the Actions button on the above screen, or even options inside a button like below:

- In addition, you can change the Tab order by dragging and dropping them according to your need.

Please let me know if I missed any part and make sure you check parts II and III!

Best regards,