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Bumping into an old friend in the middle of a
crowded concert. Looking up to see “Will you marry me?” written in the sky.
Opening an envelope to see you’ve done better in your exams than you thought.
Life’s full of surprises. Sometimes, it’s down to serendipity. Sometimes it’s
planned. And, sometimes, you surprise yourself. Of course, there are also
instances when the world doesn’t meet your expectations. How many times have
you held a perception that has changed completely?

Take Sylvester Stallone, for example. Did you
know that the actor famous for Rocky, Rambo, and, more recently, Bullet to the
Head, is an anti-gun lobbyist? Bet you didn’t expect that. Or, that his co-star
in Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren, has an IQ of 160, speaks seven languages, has a
Master’s Degree in chemical engineering and was awarded a scholarship to the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology? Didn’t expect that either, right?

And just as these Hollywood heavyweights might
have confounded your expectations, there’s a heavyweight of the software
industry that’s doing something similar. Can you guess who it is? Here are a
few clues.

This  company is educating orphans in Swaziland.

This company is helping to eradicate AIDS in South Africa.

This  company is supporting cashew farmers in Ghana.

The company is SAP. Bet you didn’t expect that.
And that’s not all SAP is doing. See how else its helping people in ways you
wouldn’t expect
here – you’ll find a whole host of stories. What’s
more, we’re celebrating the joy of the unexpected with our #DidntExpectThat
competition. Find out how you can win a Samsung Ultrabook by sharing your unexpected
moments at

Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren in a blog
with SAP? didntexpectthat.