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No internet and still want to capture orders and give discounts, leverage ERP like Flexible Offline Pricing.

With the Lean offline pricing (with simple price list based on sales area, customer and product) being deprecated by end of 1805, it is time to switch to the new way for offline pricing.

It is simple to switch and provides more flexibility.

1a- Create a simple pricing procedure in ERP with one condition type for price. Link this condition type to access sequence combination of Sales organisation,Distribution Channel, Division, Customer and Product. Choose the fields based on the business scenario t be supported or create multiple access for different combinations.

1b - Reuse your ERP pricing procedure, use the download report "RCOD_PRC_CUST_EXTRACT_TO_EXCEL" to download the condition types, Access sequence and condition tables customisation information. Today not all fields are supported for defining the price, so choose only those condition tables/access sequence which have the supported fields.


2- Once the pricing customisation data is downloaded use this exported xls to upload to C4C and transfer your pricing customisation data into C4C. (Check the data in the Offline pricing fine tuning activity)

3- Maintain the pricing procedure determination rule such that for document type , SalesOrganisation, Distribution Channel, Division combination define which Pricing procedure shall be determined within C4C.

4- Transfer the Price Master Data for the condition tables which have the prices using the report "RCOD_CONDITIONS_EXTRACT". Check your master data in prices workcentre, displays on selection of the field combination for the condition table

5 - Enable offline price download to the device by providing the relevant authorisation to the users “Price Master Data (Grant Authorisation)”

6 - Create a sample order in online and simulate it one in a tenant , this helps system in defining the connection between online and offline pricing

7- Perform a full sync on your device and go offline. Create a new order using the document type for which offline pricing determination has been enabled - add products and click action "Estimate Price".

See your prices and also the price breakdown for each condition type both on the fast order entry and details screen of order.



  • Integration with SAP ERP

  • Order with External Pricing

  • pricing procedure name to be same for offline and online


Read more details here