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Product and Topic Expert

This is the second post of the blog series which introduce the newly updated self-enablement course: Support Accreditation. You may have already checked out the previous blog post: Support Accreditation: Introduction to Unit 1 & 2. Today I want to introduce Unit 3: Explaining SAP Cloud ALM.

This unit introduces SAP Cloud ALM, the application lifecycle management platform for SAP solutions. Through this unit, customers and partners will learn how they can benefit from an out-of-the-box, native cloud solution designed as the central entry point to manage their SAP landscape with content-driven guided implementation and highly automated operations

The unit starts by highlighting the value and importance of #SAP Cloud ALM# and how it realizes the value chains of Implementation, Operations, and Services. It also explains how you can fully leverage the benefits of SAP Cloud ALM through the comprehensive support provided by SAP Enterprise Support

In the next lesson, it delves into how SAP Cloud ALM supports Implementation with its core capabilities such as Process Management, Requirement Realization, Project and Task Management, Test Management, Change and Deployment Management, and Solution Documentation. It also highlights the built-in integration with SAP Activate and other tools like SAP for ME and Central Business Configuration. Additionally, it provides details on the extensibility of SAP Cloud ALM through the API Catalog during the Implementation phases. This section concludes with Partner Strategy and opportunities for extending SAP Cloud ALM.

For operations, SAP Cloud ALM ensures business continuity, enhances operational efficiency, predicts critical situations, provides real-time status events for business services, and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). In this lesson, we explain how SAP Cloud ALM achieves these goals through a detailed introduction to the Operations functional overview. It also introduces the onboarding and configuration guidance for SAP Cloud ALM for operations.

Course in a Nutshell (Unit 3):

To summarize we have the following key points:

Unit 3

  • Explain the purpose and significance of SAP Cloud ALM
  • Explain how SAP Cloud ALM contributes to SAP project implementations
  • Explain how SAP Cloud ALM contributes to SAP solution operations

Curious to learn more? Get active and start your training today!  - Support Accreditation

Part 3 of the Support Accreditation introduction will follow soon.

For other SAP Cloud ALM related learning offerings, always stay tuned with SAP Cloud ALM Learning Portal