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I had the distinct pleasure of hosting Al, for an in-depth conversation on SAP plans to engage customers like never before when it comes to the sales business and the business of selling.

The following are some of the conversation highlights:

  • We discussed different generation of sales solutions that have been offered over the years to set some background
  • We talked about SAP’s vision for the future of sales?
  • We reflected upon how do social, mobile, big data, predictive and analytics play with each other in the solution mix?
  • Where does groupware fit in the mix
  • What are SAP’s advantages in offering a solution here?
  • Why is there potential for hybrid cloud solutions in sales?
  • How can only SAP truly enable Omni Channel sales?
  • What does the HANA Cloud Platform bring to the table?

Please check out the video below as we explore the ideas outlined above and provide us your valuable feedback.

You can reach Al on the SCN Community at al.arun

You can reach me on the SCN Community at pushkar.ranjan and on Twitter at @Pushkar_atSAP

Thank you for your time and engagement.