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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs


Create a new OBN button in the toolbar of a standard UI, for example the item table of Service Request TI.

Once this button is clicked, a new custom QC view will be displayed. In this new QC view, the original Service Request ID will be passed during navigation and displayed. See below example, I press the button in TI page of Service Request 3629, and this ID is also displayed in my custom QC page.

Here below are detail steps:

1. Create a new Port Type Package with below parameter:

2. Create a new custom QC page view:

Create a new unbound data field "TicketHeaderNodeID" to hold the Service Request node ID passed from Standard Service Request TI.

Create a new event handler to read the Service Request BO instance data by using "TicketHeaderNodeID" as parameter:

Create a new OBN inport by following the settings below:

Assign the created event handler to the "OnFire" property of this inport:

3. In Service Request TI, create a new OBN button in extensibility explorer:

Since in previous step I have already assigned a custom operation "JerryOBN" to BO Service Request, so now it is available to use from drop down list of "Select Operation":

Bind the nodeid attribute to /Root/UUID, so in the runtime, the current Service Request node ID will be passed to my custom QC view with the help of Port Type Package created in first step.

Apply the OBN setting and now you can see the generated change transaction where OBN button is ready to use.

4. Create a new Work center and a new work center view, assign the QC to that new work center view:

And assign the work center view to test user:

After that the OBN navigation from Service Request TI to custom QC view works as expected.