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Microservices are the New World Order of the Front-Office

There is no doubt that the design paradigm of microservices have changed things forever in the front-office landscape. Just as formerly inflexible applications adopted newer technologies to enable customisation and extension, every application that does not fulfil all the requirements of a microservice is branded 'monolithic'. The promise of greater flexibility, scalability and resilience in tandem with future-proof event driven architectures is just too great to ignore.

Looking for Guidance

Customers come to SAP CX looking for guidance and input into their microservice strategy. Should all their front-office applications be re-built? How can they tear-down or peel-away the monolithic applications that are now acting as blockers to agility and greater productivity? Internal Enterprise Architects that have been following technology developments for many years have maturing ideas about how these services should be implemented, what technologies should be used and how these platforms can be evolved and adopted within their organisations. But they also lack a strong foothold in terms of proven capabilities at scale, with a dedicated roadmap for integration and expansion of use cases across the rest of the enterprise. The question is often as straightforward as 'how can we begin this journey with SAP in the front-office?'.


A Strong Foothold

SAP CX offers customers a strong foothold to begin this journey in a number of ways. On the application service side SAP Commerce Cloud Context Driven Services are already built as extensible microservices that are pluggable into any application in the front-office landscape, already pre-integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud with a roadmap for integration with the rest of the C4/HANA Suite. On the path of enterprise application extension and customisation SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory based on KYMA is a dedicated microservice extension framework that removes the effort any customer would have to invest themselves so they could leverage a serverless event-driven architecture. It can take a short while for architects on the customer side to understand these new frameworks and services with regard to their own ideas, but ultimately they see the huge benefit in taking the big first steps on this journey with SAP CX.