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Special Access Control Topics

In the previous sections I have explained the basic concept of access control. This section will now provide details on special topics in the context of the access control.


7.1 Restriction Rule Workforce

7.2 Delegates

7.3 Access Control for Reports

7.4 Access Control for custom developed Business Objects - this blog

7.5 Access determination in case of conflicting Role privileges and conflicting Page Layout  privile...

7.6 Inherit Account Access to transactional business documents

Blogs on Access Control the Concept in C4C (previous section)

  1. Basics of access control and business roles

  2. Access Control Management: Access restrictions explained  – Access Context

  3. Access Control Management: Access restrictions explained  – Restriction Rules

  4. Access Control Management Example: Global versus local admin

  5. Access Control Management Example: Access forwarding

  6. How to analyse access control issues


Access control for customer Business Objects (BO) development with the SAP Hybris Cloud Studio is also a topics which often is asked.

There is already a great blog on this topic already available, hence I simply refer to the following content which provides a great overview. Although this blog is referring to functional capabilities of SAP Business byDesign it can also be considered for customer development within SAP Cloud for Customer:

Actually two different ways are supported to enable access control for custom developed BOs

1. Associate the custom BO with a standard BO where the standard BO access context is inherited to t...

2. Specify an own custom BO access context. Currently the following access contexts are supported in...


  • 1010      Employee

  • 1015      EmployeeOrTerritory
    with 1611 I expect in addition the sales organization also being supported.