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Symptom: There is one quotation with 2 items. One of the items can be extracted in RSA3 using datasource 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I. The other cannot.


The reason why this item can not be extracted in datasource 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I is that this item do not have any of the following status:


GC_STATUS-INQUIRY                                           I1076

GC_STATUS-QUOTATION                                      I1055



If an item does not have any of the above status, it is filtered out in the mapping function of this datasource.

The status for the items can be found in table CRM_JEST.


Below is the corresponding code:




if ls_status-status eq gc_status-inquiry   or                         >>>line 234

ls_status-status eq gc_status-quotation or

ls_status-status eq gc_status-quotation_accepted.


lv_quot_inqu = 'X'.







Please refer to the help document below for more information about the extract fields about this datasource.


Order / Quotation Item - Sales Analyses - SAP Library