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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Authors: thiago and walid.belahmer

Seems the XO SAP strategy is speeding up in Africa for the SME companies just after the first customer case in Latin America.

Even with some countries re-opening for a new dawn following the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis, it's clear that there are many habits that will be changed for a long time: greetings, sanitation, masks and working from home is just few of them. Many of us will be facing more virtual meetings than ever and that is not different for our SME partner's ecosystem and their customers or employees.

It's known - and becoming evident these days - that a key factor for the success of anyone or any company is the ability to adapt to new circumstances. Successful partners, such as CM Consulting, are running virtual events, demonstrating their solutions and product capabilities on-line, conducting pre-sales and even closing deals virtually. When it comes to an audience comprised by leads or prospects, they take the opportunity to run surveys just after the webinars and collect feedback. The responses are then analysed to better qualify the leads so they are converted into deals by offering the best solution.

A typical event is attended by an average of 80 people which returns around 30 survey responses. Question is: How do they analyse those responses and take action to step into the next phase of the sales cycle? The time it would take to run the qualification process manually would lead the prospect to look for another partner/solution or even slow it down by having to recall the webinar session.

To solve that, our partner CM Consulting started using Qualtrics Surveys and - thanks to its APIs - further integrated it with SAP Business One. Check it out:

They have developed a very simple .Net Core application deployed in a cloud platform to orchestrate the components: it consumes Qualtrics APIs to retrieve feedback responses from the survey taken by the customers; the results are processed and posted to SAP Business One CRM through the Service Layer so they can quickly follow up with their sales and solution experts team.

As a loosely coupled agnostic solution, they have also easily integrated the solution to work with SAP Business ByDesign as the core ERP.

Check out the video below for a complete demo of the solution!

Stay tuned!