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Business Scenario

SAP cloud for customer (C4C) [renamed to C4 Hana Service Cloud) delivers standard calendars as  working calendars and holiday calendars for different regions which needs to be configured in the system. This is a prerequisite for Service Level Agreement (SLA) milestone calculation. Sometime's certain calendar days are declared as ad hoc holidays which are then needed to be maintained or introduced in the holiday calendar by extending them. Considering such a scenario, where in the customer has maintained certain holidays which were not there initially, the SLA milestone calculation must respect these dates and calculate the milestones.

But, sometimes it is observed that the result of a specific milestone calculation is incorrect as it did not respect the ad hoc holidays (introduced at a later period) maintained in the holiday calendar.
To know how to create a custom working and holiday calendar kindly refer to the following material -


Root Cause Analysis

Such a situation occurs when the special holidays are added to the holiday calendar and the working calendar to which this holiday calendar is associated is not updated with the change. This leads to a wrong SLA milestone calculation, probably providing a result date which is a holiday in some cases.


In such cases, the customer needs to manually refresh the working calendar, so that it is updated with the newly added days as holidays. The following steps need to be carried out to manually refresh the working calendar.

  1. Find the service level ID which is affected. i.e. the service level responsible for the milestone calculation which resulted in a incorrect result. Then go to the Service Levels Work-Center view. (Service Entitlements Work-Center View > Service Levels Work-Center View) 
    Example: Service Level - MCSL-0004 [Superior Service Level US (EST)]

  2. Edit the selected service level - MCSL-0004 by selecting the edit option.

  3. Go to the Operating Hours facet in the Service Level maintenance screen and change the status of the active service level to blocked to make the service level editable.

  4. Next you need to edit the Start Time/End Time of the service level operating hours by a minute and save and activate and again save the service level.

  5. You need to again revert the changes and then save and activate the service level. (Follow steps 3 and 4).


The above mentioned activity will refresh the working calendar and all the newly declared holidays in the Holiday calendar will be taken into consideration. Now all the milestones that will be calculated will respect the newly declared holidays for calculation.