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With spaces and pages, you can personalize the Fiori Launchpad for your users, such as a lean homepage for the marketer or a specific bundle of tiles that makes the marketing administrators's day easier.

With this concept, you can remove unused apps and combine role-specific apps in separate spaces, because B2B businesses require other apps than B2C, for example.

This gives your Marketing business users a home screen that is more straightforward and structured for instant productive use.

Activating Spaces and Pages Layout

To activate spaces and pages layout in the SAP Fiori launchpad, open the Me Area by clicking on the profile picture in the upper right corner of the launchpad, then choose Settings > Spaces, select the Use Spaces checkbox, and then save your settings.

Personalizing the Launchpad

To start with the personalization in the SAP Fiori launchpad, open the Me Area, then choose Edit Home Page by clicking the pencil icon.

Now you can eliminate unused tiles and tidy up overloaded home pages of the Fiori launchpad that might overwhelm your users.

Also, you can define the layout of homepages for whole user groups of the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Use the pre-delivered templates for spaces and pages as a good starting point that will simplify your move towards spaces and pages. The templates are designed for the workplace of business roles according to a “lean homepage”, an “Insight to action” approach or a “day in a life” of a business user.

Business Roles, Spaces, Pages, And So On...

Each business role, which contains the superset of available apps, has a space assigned, which itself can comprise one or more pages. As depicted in the screenshot below, you can remove tiles that are not really needed, for example because the provided “Manage Recommendations” app is related to B2C marketing whereas your company runs B2B business in marketing. You can also add tiles to a page section, if you need an app, for example “segmentation building block” that is not provided by default.

The following business roles are already available for the spaces and pages:

  • Administrator Marketing (SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR_MKT)

  • Configuration Expert - Marketing (SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT_MKT)

  • Marketing Expert (SAP_BR_MARKETING_EXPERT)

  • Marketing Manager (SAP_BR_MARKETING_MANAGER)

  • Business Analyst – Marketing (SAP_BR_BUSINESS_ANALYST_MKT)

You can also setup a cross-functional workplace that comprises multiple business roles, for example a business user works as a marketer, and in addition as administrator. Each business role will have then a separate space as depicted in the screenshot. And each space can have multiple pages with various sections. The spaces, pages and page sections can be renamed as desired or even changed by the marketer to have a more personalized view. Last not least, the page designer allows you to include marketing-specific tiles with pictures, or the marketing process or recent items tiles.

The blog from Silvia Strack gives you more hands-on information about this and a Recommendation for Structuring Roles, Spaces and Pages in the SAP Fiori Launchpad Based on Common Us....

Create Your Own Theme

If you want to have your own colors, fonts, and background images, you can do this using the UI Theme Designer.

To see how easy it is, have a look to the walkthrough video ...

... or read the UI Theme Designer Documentation to create your own theme like the one below:

More Information

If you want to know more about it, explore the following links with background information and hands-on: