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Just write down my research for later usage, it could also be considered as an answer to this question In which table of CRM the Serial number and Equipment information stores.
We know once an equipment is downloaded from ERP into CRM, a corresponding Individual object is generated.

Several fields of Equipment header will be persisted to settype COM_TA_R3_ID in CRM. The mapping logic between the two systems could be found from program LIB_CRM_EQUI_UPLOADF22, form set_com_ta_r3_id.

I draw a table for them.

The fields in ERP ( tcode IE03 😞

The fields in CRM WebClient UI:

For batch ID, a little bit more operation must be done.

1. In ERP, the reference material must be marked as "Batch management enabled".

2. In ERP, create a batch for this material in tcode MSC1N:

Once done, you should find an entry in table MCHA:

3. Now create a new equipment by choosing the material created in step 1 as reference, and you can choose batch of reference material from F4 help:

Then download the material first, then equipment, and after that you can see batch field here: