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This blog was originally posted in April 2018. The information published is not current anymore, because meanwhile a standard solution for integration of service tickets and its use in SAP Marketing Cloud is available.

If you want to use this functionality refer to the corresponding Business Scenario Customer Profiling Using Service Tickets  and information of the integration guide

The key for the Sales success of a company is a great customer experience in the long run!
Intelligent and sustainable Marketing processes leverage and safeguard the After Sales Customer Satisfaction and significantly reduce the customer churn probability.

To achieve these goals it is essential, that the intelligence of Service Tickets can be used for Segmentation and Targeting in Marketing. Individual service requests, submitted by the customer, as well as periodically scheduled release services contain immense high-grade data for Marketing. For example, service tickets with a low-touch solution, i.e. whenever it was individually answered or resolved by a Knowledge Article (KBA) could be used in Marketing. However, also high-touch service requests, which require an onsite field service, maybe even with a repair or exchange of the product, are relevant for Marketing. Further information of service requests about the input channel, the priority or the duration can be used to influence or interfere segmentation and the design of campaigns as well. Ultimately it is the categorization, i.e. whether it was a complaint, warranty claim or full life-cycle-service, which is of vital interest for Marketing.

As an example, one could trigger a campaign to schedule activities or phone calls for customer who have a significant high number of service requests during a given period of time. Or, in case of an inappropriate service order, one could grant a gift-card for a discount on a future order. Other use cases are reminder mails, if a regular service release was omitted or an invitation for a service satisfaction survey.