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This blog was originally posted in July 2016. The information published is not current anymore, because meanwhile the named functionalits has been deprecated.

SAP Hybris Marketing provides a first appealing sample story “Sentiment Media Mix” for BusinessObjects Cloud. The story for Analytics in Inbound Marketing gives an attractive overview about the number of Social Media Posts captured, for example from the Social Media Channels Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

It satisfies the need of Marketing Experts and Managers to answer the question which social media channel are used most frequently during the last week. More importantly, it serves as source of truth for the most positive and negative mentioned Interests in Social Media Channels.



The story can be used by Customers, using SAP Hybris Marketing with an on-Premise deployment which is connected to Cloud for Analytics to their solution as described in the blog Using SAP BusinessObjects Cloud with SAP Hybris Marketing


In order to do so an administrator has to apply the described procedure of Sentiment Media Mix of SAP Hybris Marketing in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud .