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A very good example of how the in-memory technology blurs the traditional borders between transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) software is our segmentation with customer buying probability scenario.This enables marketing experts to

  • identify and focus on customers which have a very high buying propensity for a certain product or

  • which have a high churn probability.

With this it is easily possible to send personalized mailings and generate product recommendations which really hit the bull’s eye.

The results of predictive segmentation models can be directly used by campaign managers to optimize the size of the target group and to automatically contact each contact using the best channel with a personalized message by e.g. e-mail, letter or phone.

To find the best channel or contact time you can use simple predictive scores as you can see in the video below:

In similar manner also hard facts like geo-coordinates of contacts or the adjacency to a certain location can be used as criteria to determine the right contacts for a campaign

Do you want to get more insight? Here is a series of documents with demos which show that SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a new category of marketing software:

  1. Why is SAP Hybris Marketing the best end-to-end marketing suite?

  2. Marketing planning, segmentation, campaign execution and analytics - all in one box

  3. Segmentation with predictive analytics, scoring and product recommendation out-of-the-box

  4. Permission Marketing: Manage permissions, subscriptions, suppression rules and landing pages

  5. Context aware marketing content which receives context from omnichannel

  6. Cross channel marketing automation and execution