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So far, no direct search for outbound SAPoffice e-mails sent from the Interaction Center (IC) was supported in the agent inbox in IC. Agents could only indirectly search for outbound e-mails by opening business transactions (like interaction records or service requests) the outbound e-mails are linked to.

As of SAP enhancement package 3 (EhP3) for SAP CRM 7.0, outbound correspondence (SAP Office e-mail, fax, letter) created in IC can be directly searched for in the agent inbox. This is helpful for example when agents save draft e-mails, search for such e-mails, and finalize and send them out at a later point in time. Additionally, outbound e-mails can be listed in the account factsheet in IC. Also when an agent handles a phone call from a customer the customer might mention having received an e-mail from the call center. In this situation the agent can now search for the sent e-mail in the agent Inbox or fact sheet.
For further information check the RKT material of SAP enhancement package 3 or the release information as well as the documentation of business function CRM_IC_INBOX_2.