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Dear customers, partners, colleagues and readers,

SAP Web Channel Experience Management is a state-of-the-art web solution that was re-architechtured from scratch using the latest Web 2.0 and Java standards. It delivers end-to-end processes for E-Commerce, E-Marketing, E-Service, and Web Channel Analytics on a robust and easily extensible Web Channel platform, including 3rd party solutions.


Key focus was also given to an enhanced flexibility with respect to modularization, easy setup and deployment. The extension concept allows partners and customers to build their business specifics on top of each other in a simple and modification free way while re-using the UI and features of any existing component.

This blog is the central INDEX for all SAP Expert Blogs covering the new SAP Web Channel Experience Management solution.

We will keep this index up-to-date and will provide blogs about desired topics on request.

Missing blogs will be added short term - stay tuned!

     1. SAP Web Channel Experience Management - Introduction and Overview

     2. Features and Functions

          2.1 Evolution of SAP's eCommerce solutions

          2.2.Pricing Engines

          2.3.E-Marketing - Reach your Audience

          2.4.Complaints and Returns

          2.5 Service Request Management

          2.6 Product Catalog & Backend Combinations

               2.6.1 Manage Catalog in ERP with CatMan

          2.8 User Management - Overview

               2.8.1 Delegated Admin and B2B Self Registration in WCEM 3.0

               2.8.2 Early Login in WCEM 3.0

NEW      2.8.3 Central User Login (to auto select webshop, language etc.)

NEW      2.8.4 Setup of authorization roles in WCEM 3.0

NEW      2.8.5 Controling Security Aspects for WCEM users

          2.9. Discover the left menu

          2.10 CRM vs. ERP - backend options and restrictions

          2.11 Order Item upload in WCEM 3.0

          2.12 Order download in WCEM 3.0

          2.13 Product Configuration in WCEM 3.0

     3. Architecture, Technology and Implementation

          3.1 Web Channel Experience Management platform - Technical Introduction

          3.2 UI Technology - Advantage of using Java Server Faces vs. former technologies

          3.3 Configuration Capabilities

          3.4 Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) package for speed-implementation in 8-10 weeks at fixed price

          3.5 WCEM upgrade from 1.0 to a higher release - A Guide

NEW 3.6 Facilitate error analysis with WCEM Session Logging


     4. Extensibility
          4.1 Extending WCEM 2.0

          4.2 Extending the Theme Module

          4.3 Reusing WCEM for SAPs extended Enterprise Learning Solution (xLSO)

     5. Integration of 3rd Party Solutions

          5.1 Extending WCEM with Webtrends: Web Analytics, Segmentation and Testing 

     6. More information

         6.1 How to self-educate about WCEM - A Guide

         6.2 WCEM - FAQ Blog



More blogs will be added when available. You can request a blog for a desired topic, which will be published here.

In case you would like to have your own blog included in this list please send me an email with the link.


In addition to blogs, please use our Public WIKI as THE main info hub for resources, and the Web Channel Community to exchange information about SAP Web Channel Experience Management with other members.


In case of questions the FAQ blog might already provide an answer.



Stay tuned for updates!

Best regards

for the SAP Web Channel Experience Management team members

Dr. Ingo Woesner

Product Management
SAP Web Channel Experience Management - Rollout