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Product and Topic Expert
SAP Virtual Agency provides partners what they need to create and implement successful marketing campaigns, and now this self-service offering features a new look and fresh content as part of its Knowledge Center library. Implemented for North America and soon scheduled for additional regions, the comprehensive update enhances the overall user experience, making it easier to access and leverage relevant material for a full range of marketing purposes.

“When SAP Virtual Agency first launched almost a decade ago, we knew we were headed in the right direction and offering something of real value to our partners. Simultaneously, we were anxious for user feedback and input from the partners to go from good to great,” said Allison Gapter, vice president of SAP Global Partner Marketing | Demand Management. “The feedback has been tremendous, and we’ve made substantial improvements and enhancements to the platform. Now we’re taking things to a new level and advancing the tools and services in step with fast-changing developments we’re seeing in the industry, within SAP, and our partner ecosystem.”

For example, 12 marketing enablement guides were recently added to the Knowledge Center, including:

  1. AI in Marketing

  2. Search Engine Optimization in 5 Steps

  3. Measuring Social Effectiveness & ROI

  4. Getting the Most Out of Partner-Led Campaigns and Virtual Agency

  5. Reaching New Audiences – Future Proofing with SEO

  6. How to Win NNN in Your Chosen Industry

  7. Using Digital Tactics to Support Net-New Name Activities

  8. Understanding Your Customer Journey

  9. Partner-Packaged Solutions to Win in the Cloud

  10. Building a Profitable Cloud Business

  11. Lead Nurturing Basics

  12. SAP Channel 2020 – Vision GB Cloud Transformation

The Knowledge Center – as well as a Campaign Center, Event Center, Marketing Planner, and Web Syndication page creator – are all available free to any active SAP PartnerEdge program member.

These resources address marketing fundamentals and more, such as getting a digital nurturing campaign under way and on track to bolstering your web presence in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

“SAP Virtual Agency encompasses much of what partners need to support successful marketing activities at any time and on a continual basis,” Gapter pointed out, noting how the offering extends well beyond traditional campaigns and related options. “And the platform is ideal for SAP partners, no matter their level of marketing capability. There are robust tools for the experts and easy-to-use, almost “plug-and-play” like functionalities for the partners who have yet to make a great deal of investment in their marketing resources.”

Many new assets are planned in 2019, from more enablement guides to webinars and additional collateral for partners to co-brand with SAP. The most popular Knowledge Center assets currently available include:

How to Use SAP Virtual Agency: Step by Step

SAP Virtual Agency Marketing Planner Quick Start Guide

Email Best Practices Guide

SAP Virtual Agency Self-Marketing FAQ

SAP Virtual Agency ContactAI Overview

“We want to make our partners’ lives easier, more productive and more successful,” Gapter emphasized. “That’s why we’re so committed to SAP Virtual Agency – and giving partners what they need to create innovative, relevant SAP-focused campaigns that will help grow their businesses. Partners are essential to our success. We carefully consider all aspects of these relationships and what more we can do to cultivate and strengthen them.”

See the new updates for yourself – head over to SAP Virtual Agency today.