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2023 was a massive year for development, enhancement, and honing of sales processes within SAP Sales Cloud and throughout the extended SAP solution landscape. The solution has embarked on a dynamic journey to re-design core processes, the seller experience, and to infuse generative AI to maximize sales productivity, while also enhancing security and extensibility. Connected selling was a major theme driving core process enhancements across innovations. Advanced data, analytics, and AI/Generative AI improvements have been directly embedded within the solution to help make processes more intelligent and resilient as business environments change. SAP Sales Cloud’s digital first development enhancements have made digital sellers more effective while improving managerial oversight. As we forge into 2024 with an aggressive innovation roadmap, it is fitting to reiterate SAP’s commitment to CX and to our continued focus on the future of intelligent selling.

To set the stage, feedback and feature adoption insight from customers and partners, as always, were extremely important and incorporated into our continuous innovation model. Customers across our CX solutions have told us that they found the pace of innovation to be dramatically higher and features more impactful on the bottom line. Deeper integration between SAP Sales Cloud, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP CPQ have further increased process efficiency while arming sellers with game-changing data that digital sellers need in real-time.

Our 2023 SAP Sales Cloud enhancements and improvements are extensive and can be found over 11 pages in detail here: This blog hopes to contextualize how these enhancements are giving sales organizations an edge and our extended vision for SAP Sales Cloud.  

Digital Selling Enhancements

Digital and hybrid sales models are the new norm, so a good portion of our vision has been about how we optimize workspaces for sellers. Simultaneously we also look at this paradigm from the perspective of a sales manager; How are sales managers staying connected to their teams, driving action, and having greater oversight into daily activities and deal progress beyond basic KPIs. The Digital Selling Dashboard has evolved and been refined into an action-packed, UI-optimized workspace where sellers can do a lot, with just a few clicks. Tasks, leads, opportunities, emails, and more are present in a digestible format, but more importantly sellers can take action (click-to-call, click-to-email with templates, schedule meeting, launch Teams meeting, etc.) immediately while staying true to consent and data privacy concerns. On calls, dynamic call scripts can be launched to further improve engagement.  KPIs are configurable and can be linked to assigned sales plays, call blitzes, and similar. The Digital Selling Dashboard has been optimized so sellers have everything they need to do critical digital selling tasks, like cadences, outreach and qualification, efficiently and all from one workspace.



Guided Selling and Generative AI

In sales, time is money. A seller’s performance is directly tied to both how much they can do and how effective their actions are. SAP Sales Cloud’s Guided Selling was developed to help sellers conduct complex B2B sales more effectively by removing guesswork, creating a repeatable engagement framework based on playbooks and AI, all while centralizing the right insights and data based on sales stage and other factors. Over 2023 we continued to improve the UI and enhance visual cues for sellers to better spur action, including size, color, placement, and gamification animations. Generative AI has been embedded into SAP Sales Cloud, including the Guided Selling workspace, to make sellers more effective, with opportunity insights, account summary, lead talking points, highlights, and more. AI generated outreach emails, meeting scheduling, and call scripts are all being use case tested but are not yet generally available. For managers, they can see the effectiveness of these playbooks to optimize processes to help win, while detecting risks early in their pipeline with AI-driven pipeline insights. Looking into 2024, you can expect continued innovation and practical application of generative AI, as well as the expansion of administrative control over data utilization linked to generative features.


Improved Mobile Selling

We have totally reimagined our approach to mobile selling. The new SAP Sales Cloud mobile app is a purpose-build, native mobile application for iOS and Android featuring an optimized UI and consumer-grade performance. Sellers can complete the integrated lead-to-quote process leveraging real-time insights, including back-office insights, on their mobile device. Compared to prior versions, the mobile application surfaces task-based workflows and guides sales actions so a seller on-the-go can easily stay on point. Looking forward, the mobile application will continue to be extended and enhanced, including greater industry specific capabilities.    



SAP Sales Cloud is an integral part of our business strategy, and we are fully committed to its continued growth and support.  Our steady stream of planned innovations will consistently deliver new capabilities that create value for your business, ensure seamless integration with your operations and provide ongoing assistance to meet your specific business requirements. Regardless of where your sales organization is today, SAP strongly recommends that you explore how SAP Sales Cloud enables your digital transformation to drive profitable growth.

For a more tangible showcase of how SAP Sales Cloud helps make intelligent selling, simple – register for a customized demo today.