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1.    Required steps to set-up SAP Mobile Services Email service in SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud


The following steps need to be executed in order to set-up the Email Service of SAP Mobile Services within the S/4HANA Marketing Cloud.

  • Request Provider Credentials from your Sales / Pre-Sales Contact or by contacting SAP Mobile Services at

  • Create Communication System

  • Create Communication Arrangement

  • Check Provider Credentials

2.   Request Provider Credentials

Below is an example of the provider credentials received from SAP Mobile Services. This includes all data needed to set-up the service.


3.    Create Communication System

In the S/4HANA Marketing Cloud you first need to set-up the Communication System.


  1. Search for and go to Communication System

2. Click on NEW

3. A pop-up will follow and request for System ID and System Name. Any data which makes the services easily recognizable can be put in here.
System ID = Mailtest
System Name = MS-Mail
SAVE the inserted data and continue by entering the HOST NAME under Technical Data:

4. Scroll down and set-up User for Outbound Communication

Click on +: Pop up for new outbound user appears and now you can enter the Username & Password as provided


4.    Create Communication Arrangement

Go to Communication Arrangement and execute the following steps:

  • Click „New“

  • Select from the pop-up the Scenario: SAP_COM_0040 and click „CREATE“

  • You can change the Scenario Name from SAP_COM_0040 to any other name

  • Choose your newly created communication system

  • Add the email account path (eg: /email/caas_emailxxxx/notifications)

  • SAVE

  • Connection test not needed as it will not work at this stage yet



5.    Provider Credentials


  1. Go to Provider Credential

2. Enter the provider credentials as received from SAP Mobile Services, if not already done in the previous step.

Well done! Now you have set-up the SAP Mobile Services Email Solution forS/4HANA Marketing Cloud.

Further information can be also found here:

1611: > SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud Application Help > SAP Library > EN > Configuration and Administration Tasks > Setup of Services > Setting Up Service Provider for Emails and Text Messages