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Product and Topic Expert

July 12-13, 2022


Slides & Recording (Day 1, Day 2)

DAY 1:
00:04:40 Welcome & Introduction (Venkateswara Rao Chava)
00:17:45 Vision for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) – Past, Present & Future (Rajeev Gollapudi)
01:05:12 SAP Business Technology Platform for Consistent and Accelerated Integration (Sriprasad Bhat)
01:53:12 Integrate Solutions with SAP Integration Suite (Isha Garg)
02:29:24 Extend SAP Solutions with SAP Extension Suite (Venkatesh Pendharkar)
02:57:50 SAP Application Extension Methodology (Venkatesh Pendharkar)
03:18:05 Customer Feedback & Closing Remarks (Asit Ramteke)

DAY 2:
00:02:55 Welcome & Recap from Previous Day (Venkatesh Pendharkar)
00:11:25 SAP S/4HANA Extensions to Keep the Core Clean (Parul Agrawal)
01:05:09 SAP Business Technology Platform – Hyperscaler Reference Architectures (Shanthkumar Krishnaswamy, Uma Anbazhagan)
01:32:26 SAP Hyper Automation Overview (Bibhu Behera, Vikrant Malik)
02:32:32 How SAP MaxAttention can help with SAP Business Technology Platform Extension & Innovation Suite (Asit Ramteke)
02:58:58 Customer Feedback & Closing Remarks (Venkatesh Pendharkar)

Dear Valued Customer,

On July 12 & 13 2022, we hosted a virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop "Business Technology Platform" focusing on how customers can leverage BTP capabilities to build extensions & integrations.

In today’s world, organizations that innovate faster with technology score higher on customer satisfaction, brand perception & talent management. For achieving innovation, companies need a coherent digital transformation strategy & SAP BTP is the right solution for this. SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the unified, business-centric, and open business and technology platform for the entire SAP ecosystem. It is the unified foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise that integrates and extends SAP’s Intelligent Suite.

Every organization needs to build extensions on top of standard SAP solutions to cater their own business processes. Extensions can be either modifications to existing business process or altogether new functionalities. With BTP Extension Suite, building extensions is fast & simple. BTP extension suite provides services across developer efficiency, process automation & digital experience which enables any organizations to build rapid extensions to help business gain competitive advantage. In workshop, we presented different offerings of BTP extension suite & gave overview of some of the new offerings such as Mobile start, Workzone, Task centre...etc. Digital transformation is not just about upgrading your systems but also about unleashing ability of everyone in organization to innovate in their areas of expertise. We learnt in workshop that  BTP provides low-code/no-code tools such as AppGyver, Process Automation using which Business Users can themselves build applications.

More than ever, enterprise application portfolios and landscapes are heterogeneous and complex. Line-of-businesses (finance, HR, procurement and sales) leaders have bought ready-to-run SaaS solutions to reduce costs and move faster, however, these applications are not integrated. At SAP, we understand the importance of simplifying integration for our customers & SAP Integration Suite is correct solution for this. SAP Integration Suite is an open and modular iPaaS supporting a comprehensive set of enterprise-wide integration scenarios. In workshop, we learnt different capabilities of SAP Integration suite & understood how simple it can be to build integrations within organization.

Since BTP now is multi-cloud platform, it enables our customers to get the benefits of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) on their cloud infrastructure of choice. That goal was and is to leverage the investment of our cloud infrastructure partners (hyperscalers) and serve our customers and partners with more flexibility (cloud vendor of choice and larger network of available regions), reliability (use of hyperscaler infrastructures and their capabilities), and agility (broader range of development services and supported development paradigms). Our session on BTP Hyperscaler strategy had many Use case references to understand this.

We concluded our workshop with sessions on SAP MaxAttention portfolio where we explained how SAP MaxAttention can help customers to adopt BTP in journey of digital transformation.

You can find the slides of the workshop here. Also the recordings of the workshop can be found here (Day 1, Day 2).

If you have any questions related to any topics covered in workshop, please feel free to reach out to us over emails provided in relevant slides.

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.