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July 26-27, 2023


Recording Day 1 and Day 2



Dear Valued Customers,

On July 26 & 27 2023, we hosted a virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop -Business Technology Platform App Development & Migrations focusing on how customers can leverage BTP capabilities to build Applications & migration path for Neo to Multi Cloud journey.

This was a 2 day event where Product Managers, Innovation Architects & Technology experts all came together to create brand new content to help customers in their Digital Transformation Journey. BTP is a  unified platform which includes an application development environment, data and analytics, integration tools, and everything you need to take advantage of the latest intelligence innovations. BTP as a platform provides many capabilities such as prebuilt content, easy integration with SAP solutions, low-code/no-code tools, inbuilt security…etc because of which BTP becomes go-to platform for Application Development. Our focus on Day 1 of workshop was on Application Development in BTP & our experts provided multiple sessions on BTP features such as SAP Build, Kyma Runtime, Pvt Link…etc.

In multi-cloud world, every customer uses Hyperscalers capabilities in many technical fronts. BTP does not compete with these Hyperscalers on technology area but provides a business centric platform on top of Hyperscalers. Because of partnership with Hyperscalers, customers get many benefits such as latest infrastructure innovations, improved speed & agility & access to BTP as well partner services together. For leveraging these multi cloud capabilities, it is important for customers to move from Neo to Multi-Cloud environment. This was our topic for Day 2 of workshop- Journey from Neo to Multi-Cloud. Our experts from different areas explained how customers can plan migrations & execute is successfully.

If you have any questions related to any topics covered in workshop, please feel free to reach out to us over emails provided in relevant slides.

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.