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May 10, 2022


Slides & Recording

00:02:15 Welcome & Introduction (Manfred Neskudla, Reshat Furunzhiev)
00:15:45 SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) – Development Tools (Phuong Anh Le)
01:00:55 ABAP RESTful application programming model (RAP) (Binson Varikkasseril Abraham)
01:45:10 SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) (Quynh Nguyen)
02:30:58 Low-Code/No-Code Suite with SAP Business Technology Platform (Sarthak Sharma)
03:16:20 Cloud Diagnostic Tools – Dynatrace (Daniel Schlachter)
03:51:09 SAP MaxAttention Portfolio for Cloud Development Models (Tom McShane)
04:08:18 Closing Remarks (Reshat Furunzhiev)

Dear Valued Customer,

On May 10th, we delivered a virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop sharing the latest details and experiences for “SAP Business Technology Platforms – Development Models”, providing to SAP MaxAttention customers the vision through all available SAP Business Technology Platform development models.

In today's fast-paced world with different DevOps technologies, complex landscapes, and advanced development models, there is a need to determine an optimal toolset for your Cloud innovation. There are very powerful SAP Cloud development models for your choice like Business Application Studio (BAS), ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP), and Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP). To simplify the development capabilities, enhance the process automation effectiveness, and extend business innovation, SAP offers the Low-Code/No-Code Suite within SAP Business Technology Platform.

The agenda for this workshop can be found here.

SAP offers Cloud tools and technologies that let customers to extend their existing SAP system landscapes. Most of the innovation will happen in The Cloud.

(Cloud Development Models)

The day started with the Introduction of SAP Business Application Studio (BAS), providing the big picture of its key capabilities and the Cloud use-case.

(SAP Business Application Studio)

Next, we moved to session about ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP), learning the key ABAP capabilities in the Cloud. It helps to build enterprise-grade services efficiently and rapidly with intrinsic built-in cloud qualities. RAP best supports SAP HANA and SAP Fiori elements. RAP is available on SAP BTP ABAP Environment and SAP S/4HANA, cloud and on-premise editions.(Extensibility using SAP BTP, ABAP environment and RAP)

In our third session, we introduced the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP).
The CAP is an opinionated, yet open framework of tools, languages, and libraries to efficiently build enterprise-grade services and applications. It guides developers along a ‘golden path’ of proven best practices, while minimizing boilerplate so they can focus on their domain problems at hand. The framework features a mix of broadly adopted open-source and SAP tools and technologies.

 (CAP Benefits)

Next, we moved to the session about the Low-Code / No-Code Application Development. SAP Low-Code and No-Code tools were created to address the full continuum from no-code to low-code and pro-code, with a unified developer experience empowering business user to create the apps and automations they need, professional developers to dramatically increase their productivity, and all types of developers from IT and business to collaborate on solutions.

(Low-Code and No-Code Solutions)

For the best development and innovation outcomes, IT organizations need to provide powerful Cloud diagnostic tools like Dynatrace to strengthen the development experience and help developers work more effectively and efficiently.

(Dynatrace - Build to monitor cloud-native technologies)

Concluding the workshop, we introduced the SAP MaxAttention premium service portfolio, that helps to design, define, setup, train and use all SAP Cloud Development Models successfully.

(Example 1: Cloud Application Programming Model – development enablement)

(Example 2: ABAP RESTful Programming Model – development enablement)

We would like to thank all the presenters that contributed to the success of the event.

In case you are interested in further SAP Innovation Workshops click here or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Please find the slides here and the recording here.

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.