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September 28, 2023




Dear Valued Customer,

In an era where data is pivotal for technology evolution and AI advancement, effective collection, interpretation, and application of data are crucial for the robustness and success of businesses. This is especially true in the context of sustainability, where balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility and social equity is paramount.

In this blog, we will explore the highlights of the conference dedicated to investigating the establishment of a robust data foundation, implementing effective data governance, understanding the influence of business data fabric, and exploring data products beyond traditional analytics.

The event started with introductory remarks from Manfred Neskudla, the VP of Premium Hub CoE, SAP, and Christian Baehr, the Head of Data & Analytics CoE, SAP. Manfred emphasized the importance of data and the role of SAP BTP in maximizing its effectiveness, while Christian outlined the areas where SAP MaxAttention assists organizations in reshaping their data environments and explained the workshop's agenda and objectives.

Marco van Horck and Robert Stam from SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Institute presented and discussed constructing a data-driven foundation for organizations. Marco highlighted key factors like operational efficiency, fact-based decision-making, digital transformation, compliance reporting, sustainability initiatives, and risk mitigation. Robert then detailed SAP’s Data Management Framework, including Data Strategy, KPIs, Processes, Organizational considerations, Data Architecture, and essential Tooling.

In the subsequent presentation, Torsten Ammon, the Senior Vice President of SAP Datasphere and Data Warehousing, delved into SAP's vision of transforming every enterprise into an intelligent and sustainable entity. He discussed challenges faced by organizations in multi-cloud environments and highlighted the role of a business data fabric in simplifying the data landscape. Key points included SAP Datasphere as the foundation for this architecture, enabling seamless access to internal and external data, enhanced collaboration, and unlocking metadata integration. The roadmap emphasized tight integration with SAP applications, adoption of a Lakehouse Architecture, and positioning SAP Datasphere as a foundational element for GenAI enablement, showcasing SAP's commitment to advancing enterprise intelligence and sustainability.

During the concluding technical session of the conference, Senior Director Habeebuddin Mohammed, representing the Premium Hub CoE for Data & Analytics at SAP, explored the realm of extending data utilization beyond conventional analytics. He underscored the importance of the Data Mesh, its principles, and the idea of treating data as a product. Habeebuddin clarified how specific features of SAP BTP and SAP Datasphere could play crucial roles in bringing a Data Mesh to life and developing data products. Following this, Steffen Thibaut, an associate consultant from the same Premium Hub CoE, demonstrated the realization of "Data as a Product" within the SAP Datasphere ecosystem by showcasing the SAP Datasphere Data Marketplace.

In the final session, Peter Schmidt, Chief Solutions Architect on the IT Planning team at SAP, emphasized the significance of SAP MaxAttention in guiding businesses to shape their data and analytics strategy and roadmap.

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