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October 25-26, 2022



Recording (Day 1 / Day 2)

Day 1:

00:02:38 Opening and Introduction (Balaji Rao Gaddam)

00:15:45 Economics, bringing Profitability and Sustainability together (Gunther Rothermel, Daniel Schmid)

00:40:55 Steering to Zero: ESG Reporting, Corporate Sustainability & Climate Action (James Sullivan, Stefan Hierl, John Kunz)

01:30:20 Towards Zero Waste: Circular Economy (Darren West, Laura Allan, Uwe Kuersten)

02:12:55 Towards Zero Inequality: Social Responsibility (Gitte Winter-Bruhn, John Kunz)

02:43:28 Sustainability Architecture and Roadmap (Johannes Reichel, Anup Das, Rajprasath Subramanian)

Day 2:

00:01:06 Opening and Introduction of Day 2 (Alina Boissay)

00:05:33 How SAP Approaches its Sustainability Journey (Marcus Wagner, Bettina Zedlitz)

00:41:45 Raise Operations Efficiency to reduce Resource Consumption and your Carbon Footprint (Sergey Chanyshev, Alina Boissay)

01:03:52 Avoid Digital Waste with Efficient DevOps (Boris Zarske)

01:56:14 Transform to Sustain: How SAP Signavio supports your Sustainability Goals (Andreas Breitrueck)

02:20:47 How can SAP Premium Engagements help you achieve your Sustainability Goals? (Holger Knoedler)

02:45:36 Closing Remarks (Alina Boissay)

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for joining us on October 25 and 26, 2022 for our SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop on “How to achieve Sustainability and Operational Excellence for your Intelligent Enterprise.”  

In today’s market, sustainability is a core business imperative, inextricably linked with profitability and long-term success. Our goal for this workshop was to connect you with SAP sustainability leaders and experts, sharing our strategy, solutions, and services to help you drive industry-leading sustainability performance at scale. 

To start, Balaji Rao Gaddam, head of the North America Premium Hub, welcomed participants to the workshop and introduced how Premium Engagements supports customers throughout their journey to become sustainable intelligent enterprises. With tailored  services and comprehensive initiatives such as Premium Engagements Business Scenarios and RISE,  acts as the customer’s trusted advisor and advocate. Our experts provide technical and functional guidance from architecture planning and innovation PoCs through build design support, go-live and beyond. 

 SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer Daniel Schmid kicked off the first session, “Economics: bringing profitability and sustainability together.” He outlined the key business drivers, challenges, and opportunities arising in the transformation toward a sustainable economy. Siloed initiatives are a start – but to drive overall efficiency and meet ambitious goals, a comprehensive view of sustainability must be embedded into the core business strategy and everyday processes. Industry leaders are driving operational and sustainability excellence from all angles:  

  • Upholding safety and human rights throughout the value chain 

  • Improving operational impact on the climate and local land, air, and water quality 

  • Designing out waste and building circular economy products and processes 

  • Streamlining operations to promote agile innovation and continuous improvement

From the Product Engineering side, the Global Head of Sustainability Management Gunther Rothermel described SAP’s solution strategy to meet these business needs. The SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprise portfolio enables you to manage your limited resources productively, contribute to a safe and inclusive economy, and shape a sustainable future. By integrating safety, material use, and emissions insights into end-to-end business processes, our solutions help you: 

  • Capture process efficiencies and innovate new products 

  • Mitigate strategic risk and ensure regulatory compliance 

  • Proactively handle industry-specific trends and requirements 

  • Contribute positively to your stakeholders – from your employees and investors to customers and local communities 

In the following sessions, experts from SAP Product Engineering and Customer Success held deep-dive sessions on the major solutions in the SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprise portfolio and described customer use cases.  

 James Sullivan, Head of Product Management for Sustainability, discussed the critical role of verifiable sustainability data for driving sustainability performance throughout the value chain. He showed how SAP Product Footprint Management works with S/4HANA to embed product footprint data into each step of the product lifecycle. Then Stefan Hierl, Product Manager, demonstrated our flagship solution to meet the need for holistic reporting and steering: SAP Sustainability Control Tower. Key benefits are recording actual instead of average ESG values, auditable ESG reporting metrics, actionable insights into your targets and progress, and integration with core business processes to drive improvement. Finally, John Kunz from the  Center of Expertise described how we support customers throughout their sustainability journey with the Premium Engagements Business Scenario “Build a Sustainable Intelligent Enterprise.” From prioritizing and planning through pilots and go-live,  services help customers operationalize their sustainability strategy and deliver on ambitious ESG goals. 

 The next session focused on zero waste and circular economy strategies. Darren West, Product Expert for Circular Economy, gave insights on the new business models and opportunities that emerge when products are designed from cradle-to-cradle rather than cradle-to-grave. Uwe Kuersten, Chief Product Owner, described how SAP Responsible Design and Production combines product, packaging, and logistics data to help customers meet voluntary commitments and reduce costs from plastic taxes and EPR regulations. Moving from manual data collection to automated and integrated insights, customers can optimize material use, drive waste reduction, and improve product design. To help customers realize the benefits of these new solutions, Laura Allan from the  CoE focused on the Sustainability Innovation module from the PE Business Scenario. Taking a “think big, start small” approach, we help you pilot, deploy, and scale use cases from your sustainability innovation pipeline. 

 In the session on social responsibility, Gitte Winter-Bruhn described the many ways businesses are striving to promote safety, human rights, and equality throughout the value chain. SAP solutions support sustainable and ethical procurement (SAP Ariba), workplace and consumer safety (SAP EHS, SAP Product Compliance), and workplace equity and skill development (SAP SuccessFactors). John Kunz shared a  service example, where the team evaluated the as-is EHS Occupational Health system and provided recommendations to help the customer streamline and standardize the solution. 

 Next, Johannes Reichel and Anup Das from the SAP Transformation Hub and Rajprasath Subramanian from the Premium Hub CoE outlined the architecture planning methodology to support sustainability transformation. They illustrated three customer examples, sharing results from Architecture Point of View, Target Architecture Assessment, and Innovation Strategy and Roadmap services. 

 Alina Boissay, Director of the Center of Expertise team for optimization and automation, concluded the first day of the workshop. She summarized the key topics and discussed participant questions and feedback. 

 On the second day of the workshop, Alina introduced the sessions on SAP’s own journey toward sustainable operations, and on IT focused strategies to drive sustainability – DevOps, operations efficiency, and process automation with SAP Signavio. 

 SAP’s Head of Environmental Sustainability, Marcus Wagner, described how SAP has approached sustainability in our own strategy and operations for more than ten years, driving our own economic, environmental, and social performance. He shared our major operational milestones since 2009, and board-level commitments to become carbon neutral by 2023 and net-zero by 2030. He described our internal initiatives to reach these goals, our dashboards to track progress with transparency, and our performance in external ESG ratings. Bettina Zedlitz, Global VP of Sustainability Solution Management, discussed how SAP seeks to be an exemplar in our own operational sustainability, and an enabler for our customers to meet their sustainability challenges and ambitions. With the SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises portfolio, SAP is helping customers integrate reliable sustainability data into everyday business processes, growing toward a sustainable business strategy with operational excellence. 

 Next, Sergey Chanyshev and Alina Boissay from the  Center of Expertise discussed how increasing operational efficiency helps IT organizations reduce energy and resource consumption, contributing to an overall reduction of the company’s carbon footprint. They outlined the  services available to improve data efficiency, custom code management, and resource utilization in on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure scenarios. 

 Boris Zarske, Product Manager for BTP, held a session on using DevOps principles to avoid digital waste. With cross-functional planning, efficient design, automated testing, and shorter feedback loops, DevOps helps to satisfy business requirements and optimize development time and effort. He described the tools and methods available to set up CI/CD infrastructure in your SAP environment, from core solution extensions in S/4HANA to side-by-side extensions in BTP.  

 In the next session, Andreas Breitrueck from the SAP Signavio GTM team laid out the ways business process transformation is key for businesses building a sustainable future, keeping a competitive edge, and protecting their license to operate. SAP Signavio helps businesses to  

 Finally, Holger Knoedler from SAP Premium Engagements Product Management and Governance team showcased how SAP can support your company in achieving your corporate sustainability goals with the comprehensive Business Scenario “Build a Sustainable Intelligent Enterprise.” This includes a foundation of key services, and then takes a modular approach to tackle the top priorities for your industry and business. The Business Scenario creates a structured approach to target your key sustainability priorities, and support your architecture planning, innovation pipeline, safeguarding implementation, and then driving automation and process efficiency for continuous improvement. 

 Concluding the workshop, Alina Boissay reviewed the key takeaways and gathered participant feedback. She invited customers to engage SAP Premium Engagements to support your transformation into a sustainable intelligent enterprise. 

Call to Action and Contact Information 

Thank you to our customers who attended the workshop, and to the presenters and colleagues from all over SAP who came together to create this event! All are welcome to replay the session recordings, review the slides, and reach out for further information. Contact your dedicated  team or Rohit Dwivedi, Alina Boissay, and myself Laura Allan to start your journey toward sustainability and operational excellence with . 

Further Information 

Our Workshops 

Each session in our  Innovation workshop series focuses on a specific topic, to enable our customers on SAP’s product portfolio and innovative technologies. Our goal is to drive business benefits for our customers, through adoption and consumption of the best SAP products and services for their needs. Now, it is more important than ever to help companies to be successful and to respond to changing markets by transforming into intelligent enterprises in a sustainable economy. 

Your feedback 

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.  

Contact Information:  

Rohit Dwivedi – Sr. Director Manufacturing & Supply Chain Execution | SAP MaxAttention CoE | Customer Success  

 Alina Boissay – Director BPI, Hybrid Operations, and DevOps| SAP MaxAttention CoE | Customer Success 

 Laura Allan – Sustainable Industries Expert | SAP MaxAttention CoE | Customer Success 
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