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November 16, 2022


Slides & Recording

00:02:35 Welcome & Introduction (Brian Gonsales and Lucas de Souza Ribeiro)

00:23:23 Cybersecurity & Compliance in the Hybrid Cloud (Brian Gonsales and Lucas de Souza Ribeiro)

01:10:31 Identity & Access Management (Brian Gonsales and Lucas de Souza Ribeiro)

02:16:36 Security Hardening, Monitoring & SIEM (Brian Gonsales and Lucas de Souza Ribeiro)

03:20:39 Data Protection & Privacy (Brian Gonsales and Lucas de Souza Ribeiro)

03:49:12 Closing Remarks (Brian Gonsales and Lucas de Souza Ribeiro)

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to inform you about the SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop focusing on “Cybersecurity and Compliance” which took place virtually on November 16, 2022. Please find the agenda here.

With the ever-growing digitalization of business processes and personal information, securing digital assets is now indispensable. Cybersecurity is now the top concern on risk analyst reports and routinely takes center stage on board-level strategy discussions.

Addressing Cybersecurity, Compliance, and operations is a perpetual balancing act – learn how many of our customers are innovating with confidence through the Cybersecurity and Compliance Services under SAP Premium Engagements.

In this workshop, we discussed how to:

  • Establish a secure and compliant foundation for Hybrid and Multi-cloud SAP environments;

  • Address Identity & Access Management challenges across the SAP solution ecosystem, enabling seamless and compliant digital rights for your userbase

  • Prevent and react to Cybersecurity incidents, leveraging market-leading SIEM solutions;

  • Develop a strategic Cybersecurity & Compliance roadmap for companies of all sizes and risk appetites, powered by SAP Premium Engagements.

Please find the slides of the workshop here and the recording here.

Our Workshops

These sessions and workshop series focus on a specific topic and the purpose is to enable our customers to understand the product portfolio and innovative technologies of SAP in order to drive adoption and consumption. As specifically now, it is more important than ever to help companies to be successful and to respond to changing markets by transforming into intelligent enterprises in the experience economy.

The health and well-being of our customers, employees, and business partners is a top priority for SAP. As a response to the restrictions regarding travel and physical events caused by COVID-19, we offer a virtual event format which allows you to have an interactive, digital experience in a safe environment.

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