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SAP Marketing Cloud Release 2302


The SAP Marketing Cloud 2023 February* release is ready with many features!

A comprehensive list can be found on the What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud release page. In this blog let us deep dive into some highlights of the release:

* The release short name is SAP Marketing Cloud 2302, where 23 is referring to the 2023 year and 02 referring to the month of February.


Data Acquisition: Contact-to-Account Matching for B2B Contacts from landing pages

In the area of business-to-business (B2B) contact data, we enhanced the capabilities to automatically assign a contact to a corporate account when registering on a landing page. This option can be set when designing the form.

Form Settings for Contact-to-Account Matching

When a contact registers and the shown option is set, the SAP Marketing Cloud checks against the corporate accounts whether there is a match on a combination of data including the name of the account, the email domain and the country. If a match is found, SAP Marketing Cloud automatically assigns the contact to the account. If the feature Contact-To-Account Relationships is active, it creates a relationship.

Matched Contact to Corporate Account

For more information, see Contact to Account Matching | SAP Help Portal and Contact-to-Account Relationships | SAP Help Portal.


Email Lite Editor gets a fresh look 

We introduced several user experience improvements in the Email Lite editor to make design even simpler. You will discover immediately that we moved the design elements from the canvas on the left and included them into the properties bar on the right. With this layout, we are gaining more design space and reducing the number of clicks to design an email. For example, when you drop a block, a layout is created automatically. Or you can pin the design bar if you want to add multiple items first before you do the properties.

For more information, see Design a Personalized Email Lite or Email Template Lite | SAP Help Portal.

Listen to this video for a quick tour of the enhancements in the Email Lite Editor:

Thanks to your feedback, we also improved the visibility of the conditions. Conditions are now next to blocks and reusable blocks , on top of the menu bar, which allows an instant overview on which conditions are used in the design.

For more information on conditions, see Creating and Using Conditions in an Email Lite | SAP Help Portal.

This video shows it in action.

Email Lite Editor: Product Recommendations

We added a new layout element that allows to include Product Recommendations to emails created with the Email Lite Editor. It supports all features of product recommendations, that are already available in the Classic Email Editor. There is also the option to not send the email if the recommendations do not return a product proposal.

Product Recommendations in Email Lite Editor

For more information, see Create Product Recommendation Blocks in an Email Lite | SAP Help Portal.

To get more detailed information on the new features in the Email Lite Editor, register to the webcast here: A replay is available.


Integration with Google Analytics 4

As Google is deprecating their Google Universal Analytics on July 1st, 2023 and moving to Google Analytics 4, we now offer an integration allowing to fetch clickstream and contact data with Google Analytics 4.

(360 Universal Analytics properties will receive a one-time processing extension ending on July 1, 2024. The 360 Universal Analytics integration in SAP Marketing Cloud will continue to work without any issues.)


Google Query Configuration

The functionality supports the same use cases that we offered in previous versions of our integration with Google Universal Analytics. For more information, see also Integration with Google Analytics | SAP Help Portal.

To get more detailed information on this integration, register to the webcast here: . A replay is available.


Additional fields in segmentation objects

To make the segmentation simpler and quicker to adopt we added fields of the marketing permissions and subscriptions to all segmentation objects, including contact relations. For more information on Marketing Permission and Newsletter Subscription fields in segmentation see here: Marketing Permission and Newsletter Subscription Attributes | SAP Help Portal

In segmentation it is now possible to segment on the interaction product status as filter attribute or as condition for amount fields. This is important and useful for sales orders transferred from external systems. If these orders contain canceled or rejected items their values should not count for creating the segment.


Provide more transparency on system health: Check your marketing solution

In the 2302 release, we are continuing to deliver more visibility on your system health through checks in the Check Your Marketing Solution ap, helping the administrator gain transparency on the system health. These checks also give proposals where marketeers could revisit their campaign setup.

Check Your Marketing Solution with new health checks

New system health checks in Campaign, Content, and Data Management are:​

  • Checking for Campaigns with Few Members​

  • Checking for Campaigns in Preparation for Longer Than a Year

  • Checking for Expired Offers​

  • Checking the Usage of Deprecated Sinch Email Service​

  • Checking for Single API Calls for Interactions​

Additionally, we made the information of the sanity checks in the segmentation available in the Check your Marketing Solution app.

For more information, see System Health Checks | SAP Help Portal.


Customer specific guided tours with the SAP Companion

Since the 2208 release, you can use the SAP Enable Now to build custom specified guided tours to support the users to use SAP Marketing Cloud, or even other SAP solutions.

SAP Enable Now allows you to enhance the documentation and guide users directly in the UI. For example, provide guidance on where to click or perform some actions and also provide information on your specific business processes.

Watch this video to see it in action and discover how easily such a tour can be defined.

Note that this integration also allows to show your company announcements or any other news to the users when they log on to the SAP Marketing Cloud system.

Customer s Own Announcements

For more information, see Learning Journey: SAP Enable Now .


There are more capabilities in the 2302 release, like:

For more information on this release:


Do you have ideas for product improvements? Post them in the SAP Customer Influence, or vote for existing ideas so we can help maximize your impact with SAP Marketing Cloud.