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The summer release of SAP Marketing Cloud is here with many new features!

A comprehensive list of all features can be found on the What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud release page. The release has the code 2308 with 23 referring to the year 2023 and 08 referring to the month of August.

In this blog we want to highlight some of the features but be sure to have a look at the comprehensive list as well.

Products or events can be mapped to interactions in forms

The Forms and Landing Pages are now able to map events to interactions. With this, you can realize scenarios like event registration and participation without the need of an additional event management tool.

Also, you can map products to interactions in forms. This will support scenarios like product registrations via landing pages.

Map events to interactions in forms


Watch this short video to get more insights on mapping events to interactions on landing pages.


Edit Events and upload participants

The Events App allows you to edit events and upload participants with the 2308 release. With these capabilities, we address events that participants attend in person that can be realized within the SAP Marketing Cloud.

Upload participants for events


Advanced send on behalf for email campaigns

In the 2308 release of SAP Marketing Cloud, it is now possible to send an email on behalf of an account team member assigned to an account. All roles that are configured are available, allowing greater personalization flexibility.

Advanced send on behalf

Watch this short video to get a first impression.


To learn more about how you can use SAP Marketing Cloud’s 2308 new B2B capabilities, we will host a dedicated webcast on B2B Enhancements on Sept. 13th, 4 PM CEST, which is already open for registration! Afterwards a replay will be made available.


Target Group for Data File Loads

When you load contacts or corporate accounts with a file, the data file load app offers as a last optional step to add the loaded data to a target group.

Add Contacts to Target Group in Data File Load App



Additional capabilities in standard segmentation objects

In this release we extended again several segmentation objects  to allow for a faster adoption of performance optimized models:

  • Account team members are now available as segmentation attributes in all segmentation objects.

  • Attributes related to surveys are now available in the segmentation object Contact Relationships.

  • Attributes related to coupons and offers are now available in all segmentation objects. Previously, they only existed in the segmentation object Consumers.

Find more information on the Standard Segmentation Content | SAP Help Portal.

Additionally, custom fields of marketing permissions, of subscriptions, and of cancelled subscriptions are now available for all segmentation profiles:

Custom fields available


Multiple items of interests in the Email Lite Editor

Multiple items of interests can be added now for links in emails designed in the Email Lite editor.


See more details on the multiple items of interests | SAP Help Portal.


BIMI Support for Emails

Bimi stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification, which is an email specification enabling the use of brand-controlled logos within supporting email clients. It brings the brand logos to the customer's inbox. For more information see BIMI Group .

Customers can work with their ESP provider, for example with Sinch:  BIMI Support - Sinch Community - 12138. There is no change on SAP Marketing Cloud side – it is seamless.


Scheduling of Trigger Based Campaigns

Use the new scheduling feature of a trigger-based campaign to define when the campaign shall start processing interactions.

Scheduling of Trigger Based Campaigns


Find more details on Trigger based campaigns | SAP Help Portal



Mass Deactivation of Sender Profiles

Over time our customers have collected some historic profiles which now can be cleaned up by deactivating in a consistent and convenient way. The new application job for administrators allows to deactivate sender profiles centrally. Deactivated profiles do not show up any longer when editing an email.

Application job to deactivate sender profiles

Find more details on Deactivation of sender profiles | SAP Help Portal.


Provide more transparency on system health: Check your marketing solution

Also in release 2308, we are adding more checks to offer more visibility on your system health.

Health checks in Check Your Marketing Solution


New health checks are:

  • Checking Email Content That is Not Aligned With Advanced on Behalf

  • Checking for a High Number of Email Bounces

  • Checking Campaign Execution Schedule

  • Checking the Usage of Content Delivery Network

  • Checking the Usage of Recommendation Cache

  • Checking Licensed Contacts

  • Checking High Number of Change Log Entries

  • Checking the Usage of Deprecated Google Universal Analytics Application Jobs

For more information, see System Health Checks | SAP Help Portal.


Also, we introduced System Alerts which will include individual alerts that require actions from the administrator, created by our engineers individually based on our proactive monitoring.

System Alerts in Check Your Marketing Solution


For more information see our System Alerts | SAP Help Portal .


You can take advantage of the new features immediately:


A new E-Learning is available: Find more information on Key Features and Benefits of SAP Marketing Cloud: