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SAP Marketing Cloud November '21 Release (2111 Release) is here. Bringing with it a flurry of exciting new features and updates that enable marketers to gain deeper insights into their customers or prospects interest level, retarget audience with personalized LinkedIn ads, and optimize lead nurturing and campaign automation with engagement data from poll responses.

The November '21 Release brings together customer-driven innovations, new capabilities and enhancements across the following marketing areas: Dynamic Customer Profiling and Segmentation, and Campaign and Journey Orchestration.

Below we deep dive into some of the key innovations in November '21 Release.

LinkedIn Matched Audience Integration

Using the SAP Marketing Cloud integration with LinkedIn Matched Audience, marketers can send contacts directly from Campaign Designer to LinkedIn, enabling marketers to retarget the audience with personalize digital ads by journey stage, product interest and much more, resulting in a better ROI.


Contact Interest Level

Using contact interest level, marketers can target contacts more precisely and dynamically based on categorized interests and interactions, enabling marketers to personalize the engagement with the audience based on specific interest. For multi-product companies, contact interest level provides a better understanding of the contact relative interest to multi-product to take a strategic approach to cross-selling/upselling to the right account and contact.

Check out this blog to learn more. Understand your Customer’s Interests with Assigned Interests and Weighting Rules | SAP Blogs

Faberlic: Increasing Sales and Personalizing the Customer Experience with SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud

Discover how online cosmetics retailer Faberlic is improving online sales and positioning the company for international expansion with scalable, high-performance cloud solutions that enable a personalized omnichannel e-commerce experience.

Link: Faberlic: How Can a Scalable and Robust E-Commerce Solution Match the Pace of a Fast-Moving Company?

Your opportunity to Influence SAP – Customer Engagement Initiative

SAP Customer Engagement Initiative connects customers and partners with SAP development teams during the early stages of the development process. In doing so, SAP can create solutions that better meet your needs and those of other customers, taking advantage of process and technology innovations. Learn more about the recent third cycle of the 2021 SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) for SAP....

Take advantage of the SAP Marketing Cloud November '21 Release (2111 Release) now!

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