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Do you regularly work with several systems and cloud services? Are you looking for a central application to monitor the successful execution of business processes in those systems and services? 

SAP Marketing Cloud can be monitored with SAP Cloud ALM, a cloud-based tool for application lifecycle management. You can monitor, for example, the successful execution of application jobs. 

The monitoring offers you the ability to:

  • get alerted or notified in case of issues with application jobs

  • have a one-stop shop experience with a central monitor, instead of checking several applications

  • see technical issues and application issues in one error log

  • drive issue resolution by triggering workflows

Why Use SAP Cloud ALM for Operations?

SAP Cloud ALM is free of charge and is designed to ensure business continuity in an SAP landscape be it cloud, on premise, or hybrid. Operation efficiency increases by automating operational tasks to avoid anomalies by proactive problem prediction.

How to Setup and Configure Job & Automation Monitoring

To use SAP Marketing Cloud Monitoring with SAP Cloud ALM, you first need to:

You can find detailed instruction for the next steps in these videos:

How to use Job & Automation Monitoring

Learn more about it in the following video:

From the central application job monitoring you can drill down into failing job executions and navigate to the SAP Marketing Cloud tenant.

For further information, please feel free to check out the Expert Portal for SAP Cloud ALM Operations - Job & Automation Monitoring

Your feedback is very welcome. You can Ask a Question or visit the SAP Community topic page for SAP Marketing Cloud to connect with SAP Marketing Cloud experts.