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We are happy to announce that the new SAP Marketing Cloud Free Trial, version 1905, is live now! 

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One of the main modifications with 1905 is Account-based Marketing (ABM). ABM is a strategy that coordinates marketing and sales activities to drive business growth with a targeted set of accounts. These are brought to scale through enabling marketing automation tools and technology. 

Phases in ABM 

ABM consists of five phases. You will run through these phases starting on account level and then iterating on demand unit level including the contacts that matter within the accounts. 

Identify Accounts

One of the big challenges of the ABM process is the identification of the relevant contacts. In SAP Marketing Cloud, this task is covered by the Discover Demand Unit app.

The contacts in a demand unit all share the same interest and are identified by their engagement with that interest. Based on these different interests, the system generates intelligent proposals for demand units that help you filter out the noise caused by contacts without interest, or contacts whose interest shows a decrease over time. You can efficiently find the highly engaged contacts and use them in campaigns.

For a description of the entire ABM process, see the SAP Help Portal under Identify and Engage Accounts.

Within the SAP Marketing Cloud Free Trial, you can check out the whole ABM process from end to end.

If you need some guidance you can also try the new ABM-specific guided tour, which explains how to discover demand units and how to orchestrate them with the help of a campaign: ABM - Discovering Demand Units

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