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We proudly present SAP Marketing Cloud Trial, version 1811. Explore our sample email templates, see how the lead management process works with lead stages, lead transfer, and lead nurture stream, and, finally, have a look at our new apps Spotlighting Accounts and Contacts and Profile Overview.

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Content Studio

The new start page comes with a preview feature that displays loads of new content in thumbnail format. You will find a lot of industry-specific email templates, which are ready to use for your own email campaigns.

Contacts and Profile Overview

The Contacts and Profiles Overview app consolidates information from various applications enabling you to gain a complete overview of your contact and profile information. The app allows you to drive your daily marketing activities without the need to navigate through different applications.

Spotlighting Accounts

With this new app in Fiori design, you can explore your corporate account data, such as customer contacts, account team members, interactions, or permissions. In addition, you can use a configurable graphical view to analyze and compare your data.

Lead Stages

Lead Stages enable marketers to have a funnel view on the contact base. This kind of view provides insights on the nurturing process of the underlying contacts over time.

With the Lead Stages app, you can classify contacts concerning their lead readiness. The classification is calculated based on segmentation building blocks.

Within the Contact Profile app, you can see at first glance if a contact is qualified for a handover to sales.

Transfer Leads

Once your contacts have gone through a nurturing process (via the Lead Stages app), they are qualified as potential buyers. They have achieved lead readiness and can be handed over to a sales system. The Transfer Leads app supports this handover by creating an automated lead transfer on a regular basis.

Lead Nurture Stream

The Lead Nurture Stream app identifies, classifies, and nurtures contacts. You nurture contacts by providing relevant and time-based information in a predefined sequence. The goal is to engage contacts and convert them to qualified leads. These qualified leads could be handed over to sales, for example, to increase the conversion rate.


SAP Analytics Cloud

New SAP Analytics Cloud stories such as Spend for Marketing Plans and Spotlight Accounts are now available in the SAP Marketing Cloud Trial. Go to the Analytics and Report Gallery app and try out one of the new stories.


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